Recruiting a girlfriend

When I wrote this post, it made my cock hard.

Though I knew better, I nonetheless imagined my inbox filling with essays and portfolios. It’s not the first time I’ve had that fantasy. The whole “help wanted” section of this blog – a section which has elicited exactly zero applicants on its own over the years – was written with a similar erectile fantasy running.

Not that this blog hasn’t helped me find good playthings; it has, in spades. Just that the “help wanted” section has never been the way in.

As Milica and I were getting started, I encouraged her to submit an application. Her application – though it had one deficiency (no portfolio), was, otherwise, perfect. And, once I explained the deficiency, she cured it perfectly.

If you happen to be pondering submitting an application, take a look at Milica’s. It’s an example of precisely the sort of work I’m looking for.

And here is the portfolio she submitted, once I schooled her on what I was looking for:

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