A long drive, with Milica

I had a long drive and at the beginning of the drive I got myself good and hard by listening to Milica‘s orgasm, the one she sent me last night (mentioned, briefly, in the post in which I introduced Milica).

I listened three times and, in the middle of the second time through, she actually texted me several very hot photos. I was driving, so I just glanced.

We were in contact intermittently during the drive. I asked her for a couple of more photos. She told me she would send them when she was dressed.

“What are you wearing?” I asked her.

She told me she had just stepped out of the shower and was wrapped in a towel.

I gently suggested an orgasm might be in order and that if one were possible and happened I would like to hear it.

It wasn’t too long after that that I received both photos I’d asked for, spectacular glimpses of her thighs and panties and jeans, and not two actually, but three.

And then, shortly after when I asked her about when her next orgasm was likely to be, she told me to check my email.

Holy shit, listen to this festival of fluids.

I listened several times as I drove, stroking my cock – not too hard, but just enough to make it
clear that sooner rather than later I was going to need to pull over and jerk off. My cock was aching, throbbing against my jeans, and I needed to come.

Thank God I had a roll of paper towels with me.

The whole stop on the side of the road took all of 45 or 60 seconds, but damn that was fun.

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