Orgasms, orgasms, orgasms

I love it when a woman comes.  I love it more when a woman comes for me.  On this page, I’ve begun a collection of orgasms.  First, and with the most, there was Lilly La Fosse.  Then, there was Dangerous Lilly – a whole ‘nother Lilly (and, among other things, the original doyenne of Wanton Wednesday).  And since then, there’ve been more – the awesome sound of P coming (after reading Folly, Part 5), and then C.

More keep coming, and more are on the way – I promise.

I hope you enjoy!  In each case, I’ve provided a direct link to the audio as well as a link to the original post in which I wrote about it.  Perhaps at some later point, I’ll annotate the orgasms here, and not just on the pages to which I link.  For now, though, enjoy all of these orgasms in one place.


Allie has delicious, round, full tits. And a pretty pink vibrator. You can see her tits, and you can hear her come.
Orgasm #1 (Original post)
Orgasm #2, 3, and 4 (Original post)

We met on Ashley Madison. We had sex. Once. And she came for me.
Orgasm #1 (original post)
Orgasm #2 (original post)
Orgasm #3 (original post)

C sent me two orgasms, essentially unbidden….
Orgasm #1 (original post)
Orgasm #2 (original post)

Dangerous Lilly (a blogger far more prolific, and successful, than I)
Orgasm #1 (my original post, and her original post)

There was a moment when it looked like we’d have a ton of fun. But there was something a little… fishy. And then, she disappeared. But not before coming for me. And you.
Orgasm #1 (Original post)

She promised she’d suck my cock, but she never did. Every once in a while, she resurfaces, flirtatiously. She craves what I have to offer, but she can’t bring herself to avail herself of it.
Orgasms #1 and #2 (Original post)

I don’t know that we’ll ever meet. But she has a mighty fine orgasm for me. And we might well meet. So stay tuned.
Orgasm #1 (original post)

The Good Teacher
I think she’s a good teacher. I know she’s a ton of fun. She’s dark, caramel, curvy. She has a nice, meaty ass – one that begs to be spanked. And oh, her mouth. But here, listen to her come for me. (And for you.)
Orgasm #1 (Original post)
Orgasm #2 (Original post)

She read my blog. I turned her on. She came for me. (Later, we fucked.) Then, she disappeared.
Orgasm #1 (original post)

We never met. She is surely a slut. In the end, too much of a slut for me, I think. She told me a tale of a threesome she had with a Tinder date who, hedging his bets, booked her and another lady to meet him at the same time. She gamely gave the schmuck what he wanted. I have to say – that kinda turned me off. But listen to her come – super loud. It’s pretty hot.
Orgasm #1
Orgasm #2 (Both of the first two orgasms were presented in this post)


She’s gorgeous. She has a pigtail. And after promising much, she disappeared. 🙁
Orgasm #1 (Original post)


Hope sought me out. She has long legs. A big, round, fun ass. She sucked my cock, and I fucked her, a number of times. And, years after we stopped having sex, we remained friends. From time to time, she resurfaces. Hope likes dressing for me. And, coming for me. She has to fight to come.
Orgasm #1 (This was her first orgasm for me. Read about her here.)
Orgasm #2 (The lead-up to a date)
Orgasm #3 (Another bit of anticipation)
Orgasm #4 (Hope returns, after a long absence)
Orgasm #5 (Hope sends me an orgasm after I take one from her, but I attach it to a post written before you knew that.)

Orgasm #1 (original post)

She’s hot. Strawberry blonde-ish. She used to come to sex clubs with me. And just to fuck around. She’s not a true sub, but she did give me a recording of her orgasm.
Orgasm #1 (original post)

Jo is a flight attendant. She stretches with me. She shows me her gorgeous, Amazonian body. She’s tall. Her breasts are big. Uncharacteristically for me, they are augmented. Still, they look phenomenal. Jo gives me what I ask of her. Including her orgasms
Orgasm #1 (original post)

Jen’s friend. Blonde. Israeli. Giant glasses. Perfect ass, gorgeous tits, pretty face. She likes it rough.
Orgasm #1 (original post)


Mmm. She has big, full, round breasts. A delicious, big ass. And a little bit of an attitude.
Listen to her come for me.
I haven’t listened to orgasm #1, but you can. (Original post)
This isn’t orgasm #2 for me, but it’s the second I’m giving you. From our first date. (Original post)

Lilly La Fosse
Lilly was an early reader of this blog, and my primary connection to the readers I found on Google +. For a while, she was single, and gave me a lot of hot orgasms, and photos of her come-covered fingers. And one of her orgasms was featured prominently on Fleshbot, back in the day (when Fleshbot was more of a thing).
Orgasm #1 (original post)
Orgasm #2 (original post)
Orgasm #3 (original post)
Orgasm #4 (original post)
Orgasm #5 (original post)

Lupa gave me only one orgasm before vanishing.
Orgasm #1 (Original post)

The first time I heard Nastya come, her thighs were squeezing my ears and the headboard was banging. We were in a hotel, and I was, genuinely, worried that the police might be called. I didn’t, unfortunately, capture that – or any of the other orgasms Nastya had that evening – for your pleasure. But just a few days later, she gave me the first of what I hope will be many for you to hear here. But warning: turn your volume down. Seriously.
Orgasm #1 (original post)
Orgasm #2 and #3 (original post)

P was my first serious distant buddy. We had a real relationship, with three dimensions. We talked about difficult things in our lives in addition to fun, sexy things. Our relationship endured, for a while, and then, suddenly, it ended abruptly when she began a serious relationship. She twice resurfaced, claiming to want to be in touch, but both times, disappeared shortly thereafter. P is probably the only woman I’ve met through this blog who genuinely hurt me. (I’ve had lots of experiences of abandonment and suffering, but real hurt? Only P.)
Orgasm #1 (original post)

I first met her moments before she sucked my cock with Rose. But before I met her, I heard her come. And you can hear her too.
Orgasm #1 (Original post)

Listen, as she slides her fingers in and out of her pussy. Read her account of it here.

She’s a ton of fun. We had a great threesome with Penelope. And another one with Isabel. And lots of fun just the two of us. Here are some of her orgasms:
Orgasm #1
Orgasm #2 (Both of the first two orgasms were presented in this post)

Yet another of those who promised much, but disappeared when the prospect of meeting became real.
Orgasm #1 (Original post)

I thought she would suck my cock, but she never did. She did, however, come for me, six times. Four of which she consented to my sharing with you.
Orgasm #1, 2, 3, and 4 (original post)

In my first 24 hours of using Tinder, Sondra sent me a delicious 20-second vibrator-induced orgasm.
Orgasm #1 (original post)

We’ve never met. I doubt we will. But listen to her come.
Orgasm #1 (Original post)

We met via Tinder. Well, before we met, she sent me these. And others…. She wants to have a threesome with me one day, but we haven’t been able to make it work. We have, however, had some really fun times. Listen to her come.
Orgasm #1 (Original post – for #s 1-4)
Orgasm #2
Orgasm #3
Orgasm #4

Her hair is red. Her body, voluptuous. Listen to her come for me.
Orgasm #1 (Original post)

The Good Teacher
She’s delicious. Dark. Fun. She does precisely as I ask. Including, coming for me.
Orgasm #1 (Original post)

Tor sent me an amazingly hot ten-minute journey toward orgasm, with a vibrator and bona fide screaming at the end. She didn’t want me to share the sound file with you, so I didn’t. But I did live-blog it.

If you want to see/hear your orgasm here, we need to strike up a bit of a rapport. I don’t just post orgasms willy nilly, but instead, the orgasms of women I feel I’m getting to know, I understand. Nonetheless, it seems, as I look at the list above, I may be a bit easily seduced. That’s ok: if what you really want is just to send me your orgasm, and never to meet, as long as it’s for me, and for me alone (well, me and anyone who reads this blog)….

I want it.  You can message me on OKC, FetLife, Twitter, or good old e-mail, which is NLikes at this domain. More details on the “Contact me” page.


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