An application: she wants my tongue

[And my tongue wants her.]

Ashley and I have been discussing my going down on her. But first, I said, she needed to apply to the position she was seeking. This was her response:

I love oral sex. Giving and receiving. I love the feeling of a tongue inside of me or licking my clit while I’m being fingered. I love when I don’t need to help, which frankly isn’t very often. I attribute this to lack of skill in most men rather than a difficulty I have. I don’t think it’s very hard for me to cum. At least not from fingering/oral. It’s rare that I’ll cum from penetration alone.

I also love to tease. I love to slowly lick and kiss. Waiting until I can hear, see, and feel the frustration and desire. Swirl my tongue around the tip of your cock. Then sucking hard and deep and determined. That change of tone and intensity, I love the reaction and response. And I love knowing that I am the cause of that pleasure.

I like variety. I think restraints are hot as hell. Being splayed wide open, helpless to your desires. Or made to please you and suck you deeper or faster because you’re overcome with need. I also love the slow, passionate intensity it can have. And of course the teasing.

A pretty fucking good application, don’t you think?

I’ll keep you posted….

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