Help wanted – Dom seeks sub*

This page began with this job description.

It has not been a very effective posting, having elicited precisely zero submissions in the more than a year that it’s been up. Which got me to thinking. I must be advertising badly.

So I’m trying again, and this time, I’m advertising for not just one, but multiple positions.

I hope these job descriptions appeal to you, and I challenge all of you who come to this page – and it’s one of the most popular on this sprawling, ginormous site – to pick a position and apply! I’m a terrific boss! The positions all are fun!

And I anticipate competition, now that I’ve revamped things….

Act now! Hurry! And put your best foot forward!

Position #1: Fellatrix wanted

Position #2: Model wanted

Position #3: Blog assistant wanted

Position #4: Distant buddy wanted

* I hate titles. “Dominant” is an adjective that, unquestionably, describes me. I don’t, actually, think the noun “dom” (or “Dom”) does. I’m much more interested in submissive women than in subs. Which isn’t to say that if you think yourself a sub you shouldn’t apply; it’s to say, I’m interested in how you are a sub, rather than in some Platonic ideal or textbook definition of “submissive.”


  1. Gosh I am enjoying reading everything you have posted until I got to the part about fat women. I felt a dagger to my heart. If you ever decide to broaden your horizons and see how the other half “eats, sucks and pleases” please keep me in mind.

    1. Julia, I’m so sorry. And disappointed! If you read all of what I write about fat women you’ll know it’s sad to me also. And/but….

      I have been with a few fat women and enjoyed myself mightily. I will say this: it is super fun to bury my head between two big, meaty thighs. And… In my experience, fat women often are phenomenal – and phenomenally eager – at sucking my cock.

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