Fellatrix wanted

Once upon a time, I had a policy: any woman who wished to suck my cock could do so. That was an excellent policy. But at a certain point, I was fortunate enough that it became unmanageable, and I had to revise that policy just a bit.

In the current moment, I’m thinking of further modifications, and I invite you to present yourself for consideration.

The successful applicant(s) will:

  1. Have a lovely, hungry mouth
  2. Enjoy (the idea of) sucking (my) cock more than just about anything in the world
  3. Be ready to make a plan, on my timetable

The successful APPLICATION will consist of:

  1. A photo of the lovely, hungry mouth serving as qualification #1 above
  2. A few words indicating an appreciation of qualification #2 above
  3. A very brief description of the most superficial basics of your physical self – age, height, general description of your body

For extra credit, and expedited consideration, items 2 and/or 3 may be provided in audio form, spoken by you.

And, for EXTRA extra credit, and something close to guaranteed acceptance, items 2 and/or 3 may be provided in video form, spoken by you.

Hiring for this position is ongoing.

You may reach me any of the ways shown on my “Contact Me” page. Or, click here for a handy-dandy Google Form.

And, just a little information that may be helpful to you as you ponder applying: once upon a time, I used to pay women to suck my cock for hours (literally) at a time. My ideal sexual encounter for some number of years was simply to lie back and have a beautiful woman suck my cock for one, two, three or more hours. The way my body was built, I can do this: I have infinite stamina, and perfect self-control. I can, if I wish, come in about two minutes. Or, I can wait. And wait. And wait.

And I. Like. To. Wait.