Position available: girlfriend

Position title: Girlfriend

Location: In person? Online? Both?

Job Type: Part-time passion with full-time potential; freelance to forever.

About Me: I have – for more than a decade – written the biggest, most widely read blog about sex written by a straight man. I’m fun, creative and demanding. I enjoy text exchanges and audio, images, and video. I have a nearly infinite appetite for connection, for interaction, and have an unquenchable thirst for life and a penchant for hot, creative sex, with a D/s flavor.

Role Overview: I’m seeking a fun, confident, articulate, hot woman ready to dive deep with me, to keep my cock constantly hard with words, images, back-and-forth, and more. This role is perfect for someone who thrives on text exchanges, sending audio and video on demand, and who is adept at making every moment feel alive. The ideal candidate will bring a unique zest, willing to allow me to use her to transform even the most mundane moments (waiting for coffee? driving to work? sitting on hold?) into extraordinary, cunt-dripping hotness.

– Engage in dynamic, hot text messaging, sparking arousal, excitement, thrill – and sexy nervousness – at every opportunity.
– Contribute to and relish the exchange of photos, audio, and video.
– Navigate the ebbs and flows of connection, bringing warmth to bouts of deadness and vibrancy to every shared moment.
– Explore mutual interests with enthusiasm, aligning with the ways that matter most to us.
– Remain open to the evolution of the relationship from part-time passion to something more… committed.

– A proven track record of being a ton of fun and possessing a vibrant spirit.
– Exceptional skills in communication, both via text and image/audio/video.
– A deep understanding of what it means to feel alive, with the ability to share and amplify this sensation.
– Compatibility with my core values (communication and teasing) and desires (more, more, always more!), willing to engage fully in the unique dynamic I offer.
– Previous experience in short-term flashes of passion desirable but not required; willingness to embark on a long-term journey preferred.

– An unparalleled adventure filled with affection, excitement, and the unexpected. Also? Orgasms. And words.
– Opportunities for growth and evolution within the relationship.
– A chance to be part of a narrative that’s always lively, never dull.

To Apply:
Please prepare a brief portfolio, informed by the contents of this blog, that will make me feel most alive, and a statement on why you believe you’re the perfect candidate for this extraordinary partnership. Send these along with any other artifacts of your vibrant personality that you believe will capture my interest.

I’m on the hunt for someone truly remarkable.

Could that be you?