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This blog is sprawling. There are, at this writing, over 2,200 entries, and I average about a post every other day or so. I write over and over about certain topics, and once in a blue moon on others. For folks who are just discovering the blog, I’ve tried to put a couple of pages together that will give you a flavor for me, for how I write, for what I write about. These aren’t comprehensive – they’re more gestural, directional. Use them to get a sense of what there is deep in the bowels of this blog if you root around looking for more.
If you have suggestions for such a guide, please let me know. And in the mean time, here are the first few:

First, a page devoted to my cock.

Second, a page devoted to things I like.

Third, a page devoted to the concept of sex addiction – both mine and that of others.

And, just to give you a sense of which of my posts have legs…. These are the most popular posts of all time:

  1. My home page – not so interesting, actually – it’s just the most recent few posts
  2. Bratty subs – turns out, they’re not so much my thing – but this is, far and away, the post that gets the most traffic
  3. I want to lick your pussy – I do
  4. Creep shots – I’ve written a bunch about this subject, stirred up some controversy, and changed my mind
  5. My account of my first happy ending
  6. What I’m thinking about while I’m licking your pussy – apparently, you want to know
  7. My story
  8. Help wanted!
  9. I want to lick your pussy some more – yum
  10. Orgasms! – Who doesn’t love them?

And, the most popular posts of various years:


  1. Fucking Charlotte
  2. An intimate evening with Charlotte at a sex party
  3. The Charlotte tag
  4. The aftermath of an evening with Charlotte at a sex party
  5. Talking? (We hadn’t intended to have sex)
  6. Bad girl gets fucked
  7. The prelude to the night at the sex party with Charlotte
  8. Hope’s orgasms and her thighs
  9. How Charlotte makes my cock hard
  10. Charlotte has a threesome without me


  1. A night on the town with Charlotte – Part 1
  2. Yes please – a ridiculously hot blowjob
  3. Episodes 7 and 8 – the best part (my threesome with Charlotte and Sarah)
  4. How to suck my cock (#2,132)
  5. Meet Kady
  6. And on and on… [episode 6 of my threesome with Charlotte and Sarah)
  7. Leyla’s dreams – a wet dream about me
  8. An orgasm in a bar
  9. Don’t be gentle with me
  10. Upcoming fun


  1. Marina is hot
  2. Help wanted – Dom* seeks sub*
  3. Benevolent destruction
  4. Sofia
  5. Favorites – porn
  6. I want too much


  1. I stumbled upon your blog few years ago now and I have to say that the way you write really gives me a wonderful picture into your mind and world. It’s a bit of a fantasy of mine to be someone who you would write about.

    Thank you x

    1. Why thank you!

      And, for the record, it’s not hard, is it, to be someone I’d write about? All you have to do is to give me something to write about. 😉

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