A second long drive with Milica

It was the second leg of my car trip, and Milica texted me something anodyne, like “Hey!”

Do you have a few minutes to feed me, I asked.

Ten to twenty, she told me. What do you want?

That depends, I said. What are you wearing, and do you have privacy?

She told me she was wearing jeans and a turtleneck, and a bra and panties, and socks and shoes. And she had privacy.

I had her send me a series of photos of her pretty body in her jeans and turtleneck. Her photos are delicious. She uses a timer on her phone, so in many of them she’s not holding it, but rather, has placed it on a dresser or some surface and has turned her body or stood at a little bit of a distance. She knows how to show her body off well, as you can see!

I told her I wanted to see her tease her cunt through her jeans, and she sent me an insanely hot video of that after some technological hiccups.

We had a few more minutes, and she gave me a few extra. I spent those deliciously by having her strip down to her bra and panties, and tease herself first over and then under her panties, and then edge a bit, and finally come for me.

Here’s the first of those videos – in which she’s just teasing herself over her panties. THIS IS CATNIP.

When the audio of the orgasm came through, I thought I had instructed her clearly, but in the event it became apparent, I had not. My hope had been that throughout her session she would be talking to me, telling me what she was doing, what she was thinking about, as she touched herself, as she came. She had understood me to be asking her to text me during the process, which she did just a bit. Two or three texts. I’m starting, I have a finger in my cunt, and so on. But I wanted to hear her voice. I wanted to hear her as she became less able to concentrate, as speaking became more of a struggle.

Alas, that will have to wait for the next time.

No worries, though. By the end of what had become forty rather than twenty minutes, I had three spectacularly hot videos. One of her dressed, touching herself, one touching herself over her panties, and one under her panties. I had a dozen or so photos of her, half of which were clothed, and half of which were in her lingerie. And I had a nearly eight-minute long audio recording of a spectacular, dripping wet orgasm.

Not a bad way to entertain myself, or rather for her to entertain me, during a drive.

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