Help wanted: partner in crime

I like going to sex parties and clubs. I often don’t have a date for such things. (Charlotte is, currently, my most was, until recently, my most likely such date, and often, she’s game. But a) sometimes she’s not, b) sometimes she’s out of town, and c) sometimes our schedules don’t line up.) Which leaves me, effectively for these purposes, a single man, from time to time. And while there are some clubs and parties that admit single men… I’m Groucho Marx.


I’m looking for a partner in crime – someone who transforms me from being a lech of a single man into a compelling half of a compelling couple. This could, of course, be a partner with whom I have sex. But it need not be. You might well be just an interesting, fun person interested in going to sex parties or clubs with me and seeing what they have to offer. Exploring. Being a sexual tourist together with me.

If this appeals to you, I definitely want to hear from you. All I need to know is what appeals to you about this possibility, and what, if any, past experience you may have had in such areas. Please contact me.

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