My Story – Summarized

Several people have observed that this blog (like many others) is confusing when it comes to trying to discern my story.  To make that a bit easier, think of this as a “Table of Contents” of the basic autobiographical tale I’ve told on here about my “Origin Myth” – the story that predates the dissolution that is, mostly, the subject of this blog:

Where I am today and how I understand my past

My Origin Myth, Part 1:  A very basic introduction

My Origin Myth, Part 2:  A somewhat more detailed introduction, that begins to give some context

My Origin Myth, an alternate version:  A very abbreviated telling of my whole story from the beginning to now

How I Got Here

Down the Rabbit Hole:  How I developed a compulsive habit involving lap dances

My First Happy Ending:  Pretty much what it sounds like…

Too Much of a Good Thing:  My appetite for “happy ending” massages grew.  And grew.  And grew.

The Stories I Told Myself, The Lies I Believed:  An interlude in the story – not so much about the things I did as what was going on inside my deluded head

Blowjob in a Dark Room:  My first paid blowjob – not exactly a compelling experience

My Second First Paid Blowjob:  This one really got me started

Blowjobs Blowjobs Blowjobs:  And I was off to the races

The Beginning of the End:  The first time I paid a woman to fuck me (and, when I realized I really had a problem)