(Sex) addiction

I’ve written a fair amount about the concept of sex addiction or, as I prefer, “out-of-control sexual behavior,” or OCSB. Is it real? Can one be addicted to sex? What does “recovery” look like?

Here are a few of my more substantive posts on the question. (My thinking on this is always evolving. What follows are a few specific posts. You can find all I’ve written on the subject here.)

Tiger Woods and me (1/11/12): Introduction to the question of whether one can be addicted to sex

Sex addiction (1/12/12): the fellowships: A rundown of the various 12-step sex and love addiction fellowships.

My sex addiction (1/14/12): When I started to run afoul of the 12-step programs.

Sex addiction (9/2/12): How I came to terms with my sex addiction.

Sex addiction? (11/13/12): About a terrible book denying sex addiction.

Hi, I’m N, and I’m an addict (12/21/12): Am I still acting out?

Addicted to what? (3/15/13): Porn and my habit – and, the infinite quest….

Sex addiction revisited (4/3/13): Some claim sex addiction is a disease, pure and simple; others say it’s not a phenomenon. Neither is right.

Terminology (4/4/13): Definitions.

Rethinking addiction (6/2/13): Maybe there is such a thing as sex addiction? But it’s probably not what you think it is.

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