Milica gives me some time

You’ll be reading much more about Milica in the coming days. We met stretching, but, quickly, we both realized that – while we will certainly continue stretching – we have much more important, much more fun, ahead of us.

As I write this, Milica is sleeping, one time zone to the west of me. Soon, she’ll awaken. She’s promised me thirty minutes of her time today, and I have the delightful, delectable task of spending those minutes.

I am hungry for Milica. I will describe her comprehensively soon enough. But. Suffice it to say: she’s fucking hot, and delights in giving me what I want. And what I want from her – this isn’t unique to her, of course – is more.

So as I contemplate how to spend the thirty minutes she so generously has offered, I have two goals: first, to make her want to give me more time, and soon; and second, to extract from her whatever will make my cock hardest soonest, while contributing to that first goal at the same time.

I have ideas, of course: I could simply have her edge for thirty minutes. That would leave her wanting more. But it’s too simple.

I could have her do a photoshoot for me. That would leave me wanting more – and she would certainly enjoy it. (She excels at photography, and intuitively seems to understand precisely my tastes.) I don’t know, though, that it would leave her cunt aching, wet, needy. I fear it might just be… fun… and not… torture. Which is, for the moment, my aim.

I could have her do a sort of modified photoshoot: as I awoke this morning, I contemplated something I’ve never imagined for anyone before (and we can wonder just what it is about Milica that inspired me in this way – I’m not sure): assigning a sort of “storyboard.” I would write a story, and her task would be to provide me with illustrations for it using her camera and her body. This is hot. I will, certainly, do this. Though not at the current moment, for the same reasons I won’t go with a simple photoshoot, as described above.

Where I landed – and this landing point is informed by our weeklong history to date, by my growing familiarity with her skills, her body, and her appetites – was here:

I want three four five six seven eight things from Milica. (My desires in this particular thirty minutes do not, alas, include Milica’s having an orgasm)

  1. Three photos: her face, her cunt and thighs in what she’s wearing, and her ass, in what she’s wearing. (I’ll figure five minutes for this.)
  2. A three-minute video of her teasing her nipples over, under, whatever she’s wearing.
  3. A three-minute video of her teasing her cunt, clothed – no reaching in, no reaching under. Just teasing from the outside.
  4. Three minutes of teasing her cunt under her clothes, but with her clothes still on.
  5. Three minutes of her teasing her cunt over her panties.
  6. Three minutes of her teasing her cunt under her panties.

This, I believe, should get us to twenty minutes….

  1. For the final ten minutes, Milica will position the camera behind her magnificent ass as she gets on her hands and knees, in a sort of masturbatory child’s pose. While thinking about just how fucking hard all of her spectacular porn makes me, how fucking hard all of this spectacular porn will make me, and about how fucking wet she is, she will, repeatedly, take herself to the edge of coming, but not come. (This is a video, obvs.)
  2. After pressing send on the last video, Milica will send me a note, including a picture of her pretty, flushed, face, in which she tells me when she will be in a position, when (precisely – what time, what day) she would like, to spend a final ten minutes coming for me. This time will be no less than one hour after the completion of these eight tasks.

It’s hard to overstate how enthusiastic I am for Milica’s form of compliance. Joyful, tantalizing, and complete. You’ll see and hear more of her in coming days, but for now, here are two of the three photos she shared with me in response to #1 above: