He looked almost as I expected with a little more ‘rock and roll’ than I had imagined.


… it was probably the best oral I have ever received. Your tongue was incredible and I almost squirted for you.


Your tongue on my clit and fingers inside me with my hands over my head. I can’t stop thinking of this from our first date.


I’m thinking about how badly I want to please you again. To please your cock. To satisfy you. I’m thinking about how you control my orgasms. Orgasms for you. You take them from me and I freely give them to you. You have controlled every single one of mine since we’ve began talking. (Is controlled the right word?) I’ve worked for all of them, earned them. Each and every one you’ve heard. You’ve been responsible for. You’ve owned. You make my pussy ache for the next orgasm.

And speaking of satisfying. You satisfy me unlike I have been satisfied before. It’s not by your words, or the few vague pictures you send. It’s not by devouring my pussy. (Although I’ve never enjoyed oral sex up until our date. But you were amazing. It felt amazing. And I’ve never almost come from that before. You didn’t make me come either but I was extremely close and as I mentioned you know it’s difficult for me to come.) You satisfy me by making me need you. Making me want you. Making me excited to have your cock in my mouth. I have this burning desire to please you. To cater to your needs. That in turn satisfies me…. You were beyond my expectations in every way…. [Y]ou made me feel as comfortable as possible. Although my anxiety gets the best of me, I wouldn’t let myself back out. I decided I had to go through with it. And boy, am I glad I did…. You turn me on in a way like no other…. I’ve read so many of your blog posts. So many dates, so many fantasies, so many women. Although I did not feel like one of those women. It didn’t feel like one of those dates. This felt different. It was different. This was our date. And I liked that. I didn’t feel like just another woman to you. I felt like the only one at the time. It was just me. My mouth. And your cock. And I could not get to your cock any sooner.

… I could have kept my mouth on your cock forever. I’ve never had a cock in my mouth for that length of time before. I never cared to. But my mental excitement and eagerness to please you by far trumped my physical fatigue. To be honest, I’m not sure who enjoyed my mouth on your cock more. You or I?


You were fun and hot before I met you. Then we met, and you got better.


He’s sweet, charming and puts you at ease as soon as you sit your ass down in the seat next to him at the bar.

He’s also extremely demanding, but his politeness makes up for it….

He’s also extremely unpredictable. You never know what he’ll ask for, but you always know that you must comply, and execute what’s asked of you.

He’s respectful, some might even say a gentleman…. I never felt scared. On the contrary, I felt like I could trust him.


Our first date:

I turned into his arm a bit and saw N. for the first time. Smiling, bearded and strong…. I liked when he directed me.

I had an enigmatic desire to listen to N., to do anything he asked…. The combination of strength with which it is said and the underlying satisfaction I know it gives him (and me) to comply makes me obey. It felt as if he had three sets of hands under the table; they never stopped moving, searching, squeezing, groping.

N. then proceeds to lick my pussy more than I ever imagined possible. Done with the teasing, his hands spread open my thighs and his mouth presses fully against me, he licks up all of my juices, sucks my clit into his mouth, teasing it with his tongue while pushing a finger inside of me. I’m quickly overwhelmed and bucking against him. He doesn’t stop. He continues to move his mouth, his lips, his tongue against me for what feels like days. I have no awareness of the noises I’m making, of the words I’m saying. We are both worked up, sweating, my hands finding his head, his neck, his beard, his earrings, his earlobes, his hands. I so enjoy touching him when he’s on me like this….

I had twelve consecutive orgasms that night.

And, from another date:

I liked him standing over me like this, taking what’s his…. I was turned on, but terrified.

And, from another date….

He’s as handsome as ever in his usual t-shirt and jeans. It works well for him.

And another….

I felt utterly helpless and turned on all at once.


Jeans and black Spiderman t-shirt, shaved head, beard, earrings. I can’t even tell way [sic] (I call it ‘the spiderman effect’ !?) but in a second my nervous feelings were translated into excitement and enthusiasm. I felt how lucky I am. My intuition told me I am in good hands. I was right…. I saw a shaved head man with earrings, and a smile that went really good with the beard. He was casually looking, but with a dark twist. He looked younger than what I expected, he is sturdy. I felt he have confidence, his eyes were screening me, approving me, I felt he can teach me about myself…. He was so nice, doing the right move of starting by complimenting me and leading the way.

Mara [first language: Hebrew]

I had so much fun. And, enjoyed you as a person, not just your amazing tongue. I am so exhausted. I can’t wait for next time!

… Also I feel like I didn’t say it enough… I’m very attracted to you. And that kiss at the end was perfect and hot.

… I like the balance of your gentleness with dominance.

… You were patient. … I’m pretty sure if I had seemed uncomfortable at the bar still you wouldn’t have said to go yet. I was nervous about rushing in. But I didn’t feel pressured at all. And you’re good at breaking the ice and making me comfortable.



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