Jun 142018

Ezra Klein recently interviewed Jane Mayer about, among other things, her expose of Eric Schneiderman’s history of abuse. I’m grateful for Jane Mayer’s journalism – she uncovers big stories skillfully. I have awe for her. But on at least one set of questions, she and I think differently. In her conversation with Klein, Mayer said, […]

Mar 142013
One short of a baker’s dozen, her version (part 2)

I told the tale in one post. V split it into two. The first was here. The second, here: I’m surprised at how visible the club is.  I always assumed these places were hidden behind secret doors in bars, in basements, but here it is right on the street.  I’m holding N.’s hand as he […]

Mar 132013
One short of a baker’s dozen, her version (part 1)

I wrote about V’s first trip to Le Trapeze here. This is her part 1 of the evening, in which she learns where we’re headed…. N. asked me to meet him at a new bar for our date. I arrived wearing the outfit he requested: leggings, tank top, v-neck sweater and leather ankle boots.  I […]

Feb 092013
Hot and cold – her side of the story (part 1)

You read my version of the beginning of the evening. Here’s V’s: I get there a few minutes early on purpose– my little way of having some control before the night begins. Being in the bar settles me into the imminence of the date, of being with N., and I crave that feeling. I order […]

Jan 252013
Another night with Véronique (part 3 – her version)

This story is long, and there are several parts that already have been posted: My first, second and third parts, and V’s first and second parts. This is the penultimate post. I will have one more – a sort of “study” that explains a bit about how I planned the date. But for now, enjoy […]

Jan 242013
Another night with Véronique (part 2) – her version

Her part 1 is here. My version of part 2 is here. This here is her part 2. They’re pretty similar, right? But it’s always fun to see the differences. He opened the passenger door, pushed his mouth against me hard and simultaneously slipped his fingers inside me.  He stepped back, closed the door and […]

Jan 232013
Another night with Véronique (part 1, her version)

You read my part 1 here. Here’s V’s: I received a text informing me he was late just as I was approaching the bar, and he directed me to look at his blog. Same bar as last time, it was mostly empty tonight, save some regulars crowded at one end. In some ways I was […]