2am thoughts from Heather

Good morning,

I’m awake right now. I can’t sleep. And I’m laying here thinking of our date we had. And how pleased I was and I’m pretty sure you were pleased as well. At least I hope so. And I’m thinking about how badly I want to please you again. To please your cock. To satisfy you. I’m thinking about how you control my orgasms. Orgasms for you. You take them from me and I freely give them to you. You have controlled every single one of mine since we’ve began talking. (Is controlled the right word?) I’ve worked for all of them, earned them. Each and every one you’ve heard. You’ve been responsible for. You’ve owned. You make my pussy ache for the next orgasm.

And speaking of satisfying. You satisfy me unlike I have been satisfied before. It’s not by your words, or the few vague pictures you send. It’s not by devouring my pussy. (Although I’ve never enjoyed oral sex up until our date. But you were amazing. It felt amazing. And I’ve never almost come from that before. You didn’t make me come either but I was extremely close and as I mentioned you know it’s difficult for me to come.) You satisfy me by making me need you. Making me want you. Making me excited to have your cock in my mouth. I have this burning desire to please you. To cater to your needs. That in turn satisfies me.

I think it was when we were both laying in bed, or perhaps it was the next day… you asked me if you were what I expected. You were beyond my expectations in every way. As you know, within the 24 hours of coming to see you I was excited, scared, anxious, and at some points even terrified. Three hours is a long travel distance to have a “stranger’s” cock in my mouth. What if I was bad at it? What if you didn’t show? What if I didn’t meet your expectations? What if we weren’t compatible? Did I mention you’re about 20 years older then me? (Was it 20 years? Now I am questioning myself.) I addressed these concerns with you. And you made me feel as comfortable as possible. Although my anxiety gets the best of me, I wouldn’t let myself back out. I decided I had to go through with it. And boy, am I glad I did.

Heather’s actual phenomenal tits

You were everything that I pictured N to be. You turn me on in a way like no other. You greeted me with a few words. More than a few words? Did we hug? Kiss on the cheek? or have a few sentences? I don’t remember. But I remember you grabbing the back of my head, and kissing me within minutes or was it seconds of me saying hello to you. I was still anxious but this was just the beginning of you making my pussy wet. We talked. I smiled. A lot. I was nervous. We drank. We talked some more. You grabbed my leg a few times. You kept staring at me. And smiling. Were you smiling because I was smiling? Was it because in the near future the very lips you were looking at would be wrapped around your cock? I wanted more than ever for your cock to be in my mouth. We left the bar to head to the hotel. I smoked. You didn’t judge my smoking. You grabbed me. Pulled me in assertively to kiss you again. I did. I was ready.

We got in the car. I was no longer nervous. I was eager. I was excited. I’ve read so many of your blog posts. So many dates, so many fantasies, so many women. Although I did not feel like one of those women. It didn’t feel like one of those dates. This felt different. It was different. This was our date. And I liked that. I didn’t feel like just another woman to you. I felt like the only one at the time. It was just me. My mouth. And your cock. And I could not get to your cock any sooner. When we got into the hotel room, you took my clothes off first. You licked/sucked my pussy first. Did you know how badly I just wanted your cock in my mouth? Was this on purpose to keep me waiting as the anticipation and excitement kept building?

Finally, my mouth was rewarded with your cock. My mouth was tired the next day. But that night, I could have kept my mouth on your cock forever. I’ve never had a cock in my mouth for that length of time before. I never cared to. But my mental excitement and eagerness to please you by far trumped my physical fatigue. To be honest, I’m not sure who enjoyed my mouth on your cock more. You or I?

And now, now I need your cock. I almost said want. But we all want things in life. However, I NEED your cock again.

So thank you. For our date. For your cock. For your come in the back of my mouth. For my orgasms. For my desire. For my nervousness. For my excitement. For my eagerness. Thank you for what is yet to come still. And most importantly, I’m now tired. So thank you for being on my mind at 2am so I could write this and now fall back asleep.

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