Sarah meets me

I wrote about Sarah’s and my first date here.

Sarah’s not a writer, but she agreed to give a brief account from her perspective, a very lightly edited version of which I gladly share with you [with my annotations, in brackets] here:

I almost didn’t come (and in the same breath I definitely didn’t COME).

I showed up late, REALLY late and slightly embarrassed about it. My nerves were visible, showing themselves in my awkwardness. N. texted me to order him a drink and sit at the bar. I wore almost exactly what he told me to, but not quite, so I knew along with my lateness and lack of compliance with the directions he gave me that I’d be in for some kind of punishment.

When he arrived he looked almost as I expected with a little more “rock and roll” than I had imagined. [I’m not sure what this means. I have a shaven head. Two earrings. And I wore jeans and a black dress shirt.] He had his drink and told me to uncross my legs (a habit I’m learning is hard to kick). He gave me the hotel key, told me to go up and do a few things he instructed and I headed up to the room.

Hilariously, of course, the key didn’t work as someone had apparently walked into the room earlier and the front desk deactivated the one he gave to me. Instead I waited for him. He came up, let us both in and instructed me to do exactly what he had asked of downstairs. [The picture of her legs spread in my previous post.]

As mentioned, I wear my nervousness on my face and I think it was very obvious that I felt uncomfortable. Something told me he liked that though.

A lot of the day was a (sexy) blur for me. Filled with fingers and tongues and the occasional vibrator. I think he liked the way I sucked his cock. I certainly liked the way he ate my pussy. The closer I got to orgasm, I just knew he wasn’t going to let me. I’d dropped the ball too many times for that to be a possibility for me. So instead I squirmed, tried to breathe through the orgasm that was quite literally begging to come out of me.

He spanked me a lot.


My ass is bruised as I’m writing this, very bruised. I’d never used a safe word until today. The spanking was warranted (and fantastic) and definitely almost made me pass out. Ah, he also has a fantastic cock. And his control of it is hot – he mentioned that women like to make a man come quickly, but I’m quite the opposite. I could suck his dick all day and never get tired of it.

We ended our encounter with his cum down my throat – and dripping out of my nose… hoping for more of that soon.

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