Stages (Milica’s Summary)

Stages 1 & 2

When N introduced me to this blog, he said he was not sure if I would want him to share the audio of my orgasms or my pictures because I am private. Obviously, if you have read the posts about me, you’d know that you now can see, listen to, and watch my body. When I first met N and began to consider what a relationship between us might look like, the notion of sharing such intimate details about myself was rather daunting, let alone sharing multimedia of my body and my orgasms. That said, I, fully of my own volition and desire, decided to stretch myself to see if my uncomfortability was really fear preventing me from a relationship dynamic I might really enjoy. 

In one of our stretching sessions N asked, if my memory serves me, about my past Dominant/Submissive sort of relationships and what my thoughts have been on ours so far. I told N that part of what I really enjoyed was his flexibility and value of my autonomy, general personhood outside of this, and desire to not change my life but to shape what we share to fit into both of our lives. I said, “What I enjoyed,” but what I truly meant, as I reflect, is “what makes me feel safe enough to enjoy our relationship is…” While relinquishing control is something that makes my cunt drip, I find that it is a privilege to be earned by trust and connection rather than an inalienable right to be exercised. N earned that privilege and I have very much so enjoyed and benefited from his obtaining my true desire to comply and give him what he wants.

So far, our (albeit short) relationship has had two sort of stages: Stage 1– my feeling him out and deciding whether the idea of submitting to him gets me wet and to trust him, Stage 2– his feeling me out and deciding whether I make his cock hard and if I will be able to give him what he wants and needs, and Stage 3– Next Steps. Stage 2, in my eyes, concluded today with our Round 2 Interview for his open Girlfriend position.

The Interview

If you read his instructions, you’d know he asked to pick my outfit. I wore a sheer white blouse without a bra, a knee-length black pencil skirt, tiny lace black panties, and modest black heels. At the beginning of our 30-minute interview, he had me grab my wand and place it on my cunt and instructed me that for the entirety of our interview, I was to have it placed directly onto my clit but under no circumstances was I to come. [I can feel myself start to drip as I write this, shifting in my desk chair.] While we talked, he had me unbutton my blouse one or two buttons, take it off completely, play with my nipples, whatever he wanted to see. N had me stand, lift my skirt and show him my ass, face him so he can watch my face as I struggle to focus with the wand still vibrating my clit. 

He visibly took great pleasure in my torture, partly (I assume) due to the fact that I had forgotten a few of his instructions over the past few days. We made plans and discussed our immediate plans and his instructions for me for the coming week. With the wand still pressed to my clit, N instructed me to grab a pen and paper to write the 9-item list you see in the photos below. Once N decided our interview was concluded and he offered me the position, I reminded him that he had forgotten to ask about my portfolio. I did a photoshoot for him that I turned into a montage of which 4 stills are attached below this post. Finally, the last image you see is a photo of my breasts and my smile, which I took immediately following the conclusion of our interview.

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