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One of the top-ranked options I offered Julie was for her to write up a session with me. Previously, I wrote one up…. [That also was top-ranked.] We’re nearing the end of our top-ranked items. We’re moving on to the second tier shortly….

In today’s session I wore my white sleep set, started the session by bending to each side stretching through the side of my body knowing my top and shorts would lift ever so slightly giving N a nice view. As I moved on throughout a series of downward dogs I could feel his eyes on me watching either my top that gave him a suggestive glimpse or my bottoms which showed the bottom of my ass where it meets the thigh.

With each movement I tried to make sure his view was appealing while naturally not being overly anxious about the camera.

I can feel his gaze especially when I lead him through a series of downward dog into cobra and finishing in puppy pose which leaves not much to the imagination. I try to hold this pose knowing it hopefully makes him aroused.

We twist through positions stretching out our back with a view of the side of my ass and thigh, my eyes stay primarily upward away from the camera during this but sometimes I will sneak a peek to see if he is watching me or the ceiling above.

We finish with neck circles and shoulder rotations in which he has his eyes unapologetically glued to me, sending sensual vibes my way.

Not Julie But totally could be

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