Our date (Rashomon, by Nastya)

Lightly edited….

He’s sweet, charming and puts you at ease as soon as you sit your ass down in the seat next to him at the bar.

He’s also extremely demanding, but his politeness makes up for it. (I’m starting to hate his use of “please” because regardless of whether he writes/says it, you will still do as he says.)

I wanted to make him happy, to bring him pleasure, from the moment I saw him. We flirted, I did as he said (to an extent), but he made me smile, so I wanted to be his good girl.

Receiving a text from him always made my heart jump (and still does) because he’s also extremely unpredictable. You never know what he’ll ask for, but you always know that you must comply, and execute what’s asked of you.

He’s respectful, some might even say a gentleman. He held on to me as we were walking to the hotel – I was wearing stilettos, so after a few drinks I was a bit unstable, and needed a hand.

I never felt scared. On the contrary, I felt like I could trust him. Reading over a hundred of his posts helped. I felt like I knew what to expect – you see, he does have a pattern, so if you read closely, you might be able to identify what he likes to do on a first date and prepare yourself for it – which is exactly what I did.

When we arrived at the hotel, he teased me for what seemed like hours. He traced his fingers all over my body – I’ve never felt such arousal before. My pussy was dripping wet and in need of an orgasm. Of course, I wasn’t allowed to come until I sucked his cock. He smelled so good, clean, and delicious. I was lost in the sensation of having his cock deep down my throat. I knew right then and there that I needed to feel him deep inside me that night.

And I did.

This isn't either of us. But it's not a bad semblance of either of us.
This isn’t either of us. But it’s not a bad semblance of either of us.

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