May 252016

She’s cute. In her early twenties. Plump, sexy, energetic, vivacious. She is a fuckload of fun in bed. No doubt. As I paid for my bagel, she – on break – was chit-chatting, loudly, with the woman behind the register. “My roommate keeps using my shampoo, so today, I used hers, and I love it! […]

Sep 172015

I’m walking down the street, and I do a double-take at a woman. Who is she? Do I know her? She’s not striking, not gorgeous. She’s attractive, though. I scratch my head. She doesn’t seem to know me. In fact, she doesn’t seem to notice that I exist. I take a few more steps, and […]

Jun 252015

The vast majority of dates I’ve been on in recent years have been something like “sure things.” Between my blog and my general propensity for repeat encounters, as opposed to first dates, I generally know not just that I’m going to end up with my cock in my date’s mouth, but when, where, how, even […]

Jun 112015
Bad dates (2)

It started badly. Annica offered her cheek, standoffish-ly. Her body language was closed, distant. She said I was defensive. But her pussy was wet, in spite of herself. (She’s a self-proclaimed slut. I was the first of two guys she was meeting that night, and the other, a friend, was a sure thing.) And my […]

Jun 092015

We met for coffee, many months before, finally, we consummated the tension we established that day. Cassie is small, slender, hungry, pretty. Smart, accomplished, busy. Compliant, to a tee. She was desperate for my cock. More desperate than, generally, I can tolerate. “I want I want I want” she made clear to me, repeatedly. And, finally, I was […]