And on. And on. (or, Episode 6)

Episode 6 – The day begins

I told the ladies there would be scotch and wine. I knew Charlotte likes both. I knew Sarah is not a fan of scotch. I had ordered some liquor for myself, as well as two bottles of white wine, to be delivered the day before, but there was a delivery snafu, and the wine didn’t arrive until minutes before we were scheduled to meet. Fortunately, I (and now, the wine) was (were) minutes away from where we were scheduled to meet.

Charlotte and I had planned to check in to the hotel together, to lay some stuff out, to plan the day a bit, and maybe to pregame (sexually) with one another just a bit. I was annoyed that the wine delivery stole 5-10 minutes from our plan, but, in the event, it was just fine.

I packed a bag – blindfolds, under-the-bed restraints, rope, scotch, wine, the two women’s panties from our previous evening together, as well as a pair of scissors and four bingo cards. I met Charlotte at one of the three corners between where I was starting and the hotel, kissed her very pretty face hello, and we started walking.

My heart raced. My hands actually were shaking a little. My nerves tingled. Anxiety does not, generally, afflict me, but it did that day. Not in a bad way. In a hot way.

Charlotte confessed her anxiety was mounting as well.

We checked in and ascended to room 308.

I kissed Charlotte hard, and said, “We have some work to do.”

I removed the restraints from my bag, lay them on top of the bed, and explained to Charlotte that she was to move them from above to below the mattress, while preserving their position, while I was gone.

I placed the three bottles on the bedside table, and, when I couldn’t find a fridge, Charlotte suggested she could fetch buckets and ice. Good idea! (Late in the day I found the fridge, cleverly hidden under the strange podium-like piece of furniture we would convert to a stage.) Another task for her to perform in my absence.

I took out the scissors and bingo cards, and instructed Charlotte to cut them all up into individual squares and put them in the discarded scotch box, after removing its flaps. After I had left her.

I previously had ordered us lunch at SweetGreen. This, too, Charlotte was to do in my absence. And, to pick up some grapes. And apples. She had a lot of work to do.

“How am I going to remember it all?”

“I’ll send you instructions.” And I pecked at my phone for thirty seconds. Pressed send:

  • Under the bed restraints
  • Cut out bingo cards, remove those you don’t like, put in the scotch box with top flaps removed
  • Snacks
  • Lunch
  • Ice/ice bucket for wine

“Now,” I said. “Before you suck my cock, I want you to try out that little stage.”

Charlotte hopped up on the podium, and I snapped a picture.

“Can I send this to Sarah?” I asked.

“Sure!” she said.

“Good girl. Now. Please suck my cock.”

She lowered her mouth onto my cock. I gripped her head. Hard. I was on the fence: in general, I like to hold my orgasms back as long as possible. But. I had a long day ahead of me. And I wanted my cum in her throat.

It wasn’t five minutes before I filled her mouth, flipped her over on her back, pulled down her tights, and dove in. We knew we had less than half an hour from when we entered the room up above, to when I would leave. How many orgasms could I take from her in our remaining eight minutes or so?

“Three, I think,” said Charlotte.

One, two, three. Four. Five. Six.


I stood up. Put my mask on. (“This is a delicious mask situation,” I said, my nose and mouth surrounded by the delightful scent of Charlotte’s cunt.) And left.