Upcoming fun

Charlotte and I will have at least one opportunity to pre-game, and likely will have gotten a head start by the time Sarah arrives. We have an extensive list of options we’ve all prepared, and I don’t dare predict what I’ll decide I will want in the moment. I can say, though, with some certainty, that the following will happen:

  • Sarah will enter to find Charlotte sucking my cock
  • Sarah will kiss me hello
  • Sarah will kiss Charlotte and my cock hello at about the same moment, in about the same gesture
  • There will be some lap dances
  • There will be some simultaneous masturbation
  • There will be some mutual masturbation
  • There will be a bit of a strip show
  • The rope and the blindfold(s) will come out

That’s just the first stretch of time. Thankfully, we have a vast expanse.

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