Making a meal of Hope

Hope came to me dressed in the sexy, short black dress I had asked her to wear, looking delicious. I had her show me her full, round ass in her dress. I took a couple of pictures which I can share with you. We had some delightful conversation and had a drink together. “Keep your legs spread!” I said to her. “It’s like you forget who you’re with!”

Hope did as asked.

Good girl.

I asked her about the post I had written. Her first response had been to ask if she should react, respond, refute. She had no real criticisms or complaints or corrections. 

At length, I asked her if I could touch her. “Yes,” she said.

I was so. Fucking. Psyched. And surprised.

I kissed her a bit and choked her a bit and felt how hot and wet her pussy was through her tights. (It was super hot and super wet.)

We didn’t have a lot of time because we had reservations to eat, but I had her remove her tights and her panties. I told her that if we had more time, I would have tied her up, but I didn’t because we didn’t. And so instead I just licked her clit and fingered her, which was delightful, Her pussy is mild and subtle – it tastes delicious – and she had a nice little patch of pubic hair.

I remembered maybe a minute into going down on her how gently she likes her clit touched by my tongue, I confirmed that with her – “Am I right you like your clit touched super gently?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said. “At least at first….” 

Though when she has come for me in the past, her orgasms have been hard won – as I’ve written multiple times – on this occasion, she came pretty easily. And super hard.

It didn’t take long. Didn’t take much. My tongue and lips on her clit, a finger in her cunt, my hand on her pubis, her breasts, her pubis, her breasts. She came. Shuddering. For over a minute. It was insanely hot.

I had her sit naked – just so I could drink in her luscious body – for me a bit longer while we chatted, and then we got dressed and went to dinner. 

We have lots to talk about and it’s very easy. Dinner was chaste, though. In retrospect, this was a fuck-up. I allowed her orgasm to bring an end to the sexual part of the evening. I should have kept her working for me in the restaurant. God knows I know how to do that. God knows she would have done as I asked. And God knows, I missed out on some fun.

Never mind that – not expecting the evening to go remotely as it had, I had not planned to be out past dinner.

I had to get home. We agreed that there would be another date soon. And we parted.

In retrospect, I wish I had both made better use of her and communicated a bit better at the end about how, why, things were coming to a close as they did.

Oh well. Live and learn.

Hope is beautiful. She’s a grown-up. She has astonishing curves.

She likes dressing up (for me).

I had not, honestly, expected to touch Hope on this date. The last several times we had seen each other, as I had written, she had made herself unavailable to me. It was a delightful, pleasant surprise that she chose to do so on this date.

“What changed?” I asked.

She shrugged.

“Dearth?” I asked.

“Definitely in part…” she confirmed.

Whatever. I am the lucky beneficiary. I’m only sorry that I hadn’t planned the evening to include our touching. It would have looked very, very different.

I have a feeling, though, that there will be a next time. And that it won’t be too far off….

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