Milica’s storyboard

I’ve been playing with AI (as I’ve written about). I’m frustrated, though, by all the main chatbots’ refusal to indulge my prurient tastes, at least, not without some real effort on my part to jailbreak them.

Lately, though, I’ve been playing with locally hosted LLMs, using LM Studio. I downloaded Mistral Dolphin 7B, and enlisted its help in creating a fun assignment for Milica – a storyboard.

Longtime readers know about me that I do not write fiction. I wanted to give Milica a sort of storyboard assignment, but my creativity doesn’t work in the way that would allow me to write the story I want her to storyboard. Fantasies? I’m good at those. But fiction? Nah.

So, to Mistral I went:

Write a short story about Milica, a tall, hot brunette grad student. The story should span a day, and should feature her in six different settings, and should feature at least three different outfits.

LM Studio chugged and choked on my shitty little laptop, and, a few minutes later, spit out this truly mediocre bit of a story:

Milica, a tall, hot brunette grad student, woke up early to prepare for the day ahead. She took a long shower, enjoying the warm water as it cascaded down her slim frame. Stepping out of the shower, she wrapped herself in a plush, white bath towel, admiring how well it complemented her skin tone and brought out her curves. After toweling off, Milica put on a black lace bra and matching thong, showcasing her toned figure underneath her clothing.

As she got ready for class, Milica slipped into a form-fitting black dress that accentuated her hourglass shape. She paired it with a pair of black stiletto heels, adding height to her already towering frame. The outfit made her feel confident and powerful as she headed out the door, excited to tackle the day’s challenges at school.

Upon arriving at class, Milica took her seat in the front row, ready to absorb every word the professor spoke. During a brief break between lectures, she decided to grab a snack from the vending machine and headed for the restroom. The black lace bra peeked out of her black dress, drawing the attention of several male students who couldn’t help but admire her beauty.

After class ended, Milica rushed to the library to study for an upcoming exam. She felt a sense of pride as she walked through the quiet hallways, knowing that her hard work and dedication were paying off. In the library, she found a cozy spot where she could focus on her studies without distraction.

As night fell, Milica headed home, eager to relax after a long day. She slipped into comfortable pajamas – cotton briefs and a tank top – and curled up in bed with a good book. As she read, she felt a sense of peace and satisfaction wash over her, knowing that tomorrow would bring new opportunities for growth and learning.

As they say, “Good enough for government work!”

Milica, this is your storyboard assignment. Each scene should feature a minimum of two, and a maximum of three, shots. At least one of each shot should feature your face. At least one should not feature your face (and should be suitable for posting on this blog, along with this post).

Every shot should be maximally hot, given the constraints imposed by the demands of the story.

If, when you shoot this, you have permission to come, please also include an audio recording of the orgasm you have upon completion of this assignment. If you don’t have permission to come? Well, then, please include an audio recording of you edging, for at least three minutes.

In either case: please, use your wand.

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