Punitive photoshoot

Because, Sarah, you over-promised, and under-delivered, I need more from you. Mostly, what I need is communication. Like, can you get me what you’ve offered, what you’ve promised? When? I’m actually not in a hurry. You could say, look, “I can’t give you a timeline, but I promise – I’ll get it to you as soon as I can, and I’ll keep you posted.”

And. But. I told you I would ask for one more photoshoot. This is what I want: You, in the slacks you wore the other night, and a top that presents the same opportunities as the one in the shoot, please. And the stockings you failed to bring when we met. (But which you will bring when we next meet.) I don’t care what color panties you wear for this.

I would like this shoot first, before you tackle the others. AND…. Please send me each picture as you take it. And, I know I previously said I was unlikely to ask for actual nudity. But I am, in this case, asking for the level shown in the photos.

Thank you, and please, respond to this by estimating – realistically, and bindingly – when you will get the first photo to me. And, when the last…. And also, please, update me on whether/when you think you can do the other shoots. Also, realistically.

Remembering that you, yesterday, said with seeming confidence that I could have all I had asked for today….

So: no pressure. It could be that the answer is, “I’ll get the first photo to you in two weeks.” Or “no later than an hour from now.” I don’t (much) care what the answer is. Or rather, I care, but I’m fine with whatever it is, and will simply adjust things to reflect your answers, and how you do with regard to communication and delivery.

Make sense?

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