Rules for a sex party

Charlotte and I are off to a party. We had hoped to go to Chemistry, but some combination of logistics and poor execution left us unapproved (though not rejected) 48 hours before a sold out party.
We previously had gotten ourselves approved for OneLegUp, but had bailed on a party because Covid.
Chemistry is Friday. OLU is Saturday. Chemistry is a little hotter, a little younger. But OLU is awesome. So OLU it shall be.

After overwhelming Charlotte with a little too much intensity too fast (she had crawled, served, undressed, been fucked with a ball gag in her mouth, all within seven minutes), we discussed ground rules.

My proposal:

1. No explicitly sexual interactions with others unless with a couple, following an explicit, private ok from both of us.
2. No phone numbers (or any other contact info) exchanged except with couples, as a couple.
3. We are there as a couple. Not as two single people. Or a single person and a married guy.
4. If she strays, she will be spanked. Hard. In public.
5. She will wear her leather collar. For her. For me. For others.

This all is mostly – mostly – to protect me. Against jealousy, sure, but more than that against envy. Charlotte will have no trouble attracting a line of men who want to fuck her. That’s just not how it works for me. I’m hot. I’m confident. But the dynamics for men are just different from those for women. Never mind for men in their 50s vs women in their 20s.

But it’s also to protect Charlotte. Charlotte is NOT immune from jealousy. And a sex party is a really bad place to experiment with that shit. Alcohol. Other humans. Anxiety. Just unhelpful. Our third or fourth sex party – that’s the time to start venturing into asymmetrical play. 

Charlotte – ever agreeable – was fine with all.

“Any of that disappointing to you?” I asked. I thought I had detected a slight wince at the phone number prohibition.

“No,” she said.

I think she was lying. Slightly. I think she does, always, want her options open. And she didn’t like my closing that particular one. But I think she saw the point.

“Anything you would like in addition, or different?” I asked.

“No,” she said.

Game. On.

Postscript: she clarified that she was disappointed about the phone number prohibition. She asked some questions. I clarified: We are there as a couple. Not as two single people. She remains disappointed. But that’s life. When she goes to a sex party with another guy, perhaps he’ll let her pick up some numbers. I’m not that guy.

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