The road back to me

Unfortunately, on Monday afternoon and evening, I will certainly not be able to join you in person. I may be able to join intermittently by video and/or text, but I won’t know that for sure until right before. (I’ll be returning from the Adirondacks in a car full of people, and may be in the driver’s seat.)

So. Since I won’t be available at the time you selected, I asked Charlotte if she might be. And, lucky for all three of us, she is.


The road back to me runs through Charlotte.

You will meet her at 6:30 Monday. You will have a drink together. You will finish and check in to a hotel that I will have selected and paid for no later than 7. (You may rest assured that if I lose this money, you will never hear from either of us again. Obvs.)

You will bring a bag. In your bag will be four dresses. Four skirts. Four tops. Two bathing suits. And as many panties as you can bring. But at least eight.

And your vibrator.

From 7-9:30 (or as late as you and Charlotte might both like, but until at least 9:30), you will do as Charlotte asks. Directs. Commands.

At the end of the evening, Charlotte will tell me if you should have the opportunity to “make it up to me” in person. I will give her complete discretion over the answer to this question.

So if you want me, please her.

Please, say yes to this by sending us both by text one minute of you teasing that pretty pussy of yours (if you still have her number). And just me, if you don’t still have her number.

Thank you. This shall be excellent. I trust you will both have a phenomenal time and earn the opportunity to make it up to me.

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