Some thoughts about the week ahead

Dear Julie:

You are inspiring me.

You are making my cock hard.

You are making my body feel better. Stronger. More flexible. If somewhat achy. In both senses.

I want to see you five times this week.

Monday, we will meet at 8:45. You will be wearing your “tight nude yoga pants” and your leopard print sports bra.

Tuesday, I propose that we meet at 8:30 (if your schedule permits). And I propose that you wear whatever it is you wore last night. Those shorts you showed me. Whatever else you were wearing.

Wednesday, I propose that we meet at 7:45 am (if your schedule permits). I would like, before Wednesday, for you to give me, say, five choices. I will select from among them for Wednesday, and for the remainder of the week.

Thursday and Friday, I propose that we meet at 8:30 am (if your schedule permits).

What among all this can work for you?

And thank you, in advance, for all you will do, for, and to, my body.


Not Julie. (But it could be.)

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