Most popular posts in 2014

For your reading pleasure – if you’ve missed any of these posts, for God’s sake, catch up!

These are the top ten posts of the year – posts published in 2014:

10. Dear Belle Knox – I really like Belle Knox. Long may she reign.
9. Dominance, submission, feminism and OKC – there are chowderheads everywhere.
8. Cultural sexual hegemony #6 – flat shoes vs. heels – I actually like flats.
7. What do you like so much about having your cock sucked?Angela asked – I answered.
6. Rape prevention – in which I muse on how to reduce incidences of rape.
5. Sofia in pictures – she’s so fucking hot. And I miss her. But you knew that….
4. Sex addiction – a primer – not a hot post….
3. Meet the Amazon – she had an amazing mouth, but moved away right after our first date.
2. Date with V – I miss V. But you knew that.
1. Angela’s orgasm – Angela disappeared from my life after one date, but her orgasm didn’t.

And these are the ten pages/posts that have seen the most traffic in 2014:

10. Angela’s orgasm – Kind of impressive – this post garnered enough visits to leapfrog past two-year-old posts.
9. My first happy ending – And thus, I went down the rabbit hole.
8. Hasidim at a swing party II – Why is the second one here, but not the first?
7. Why I eat your pussy – It’s true. This is why.
6. What I’m thinking about while I’m licking your pussy – I’m particularly proud of this one.
5. My second first paid blowjob – not sure why this is so high up there….
4. I want to lick your pussy – Another of my favorites (down from #1 the last time I did this).
3. My story – I’m glad this is up there. It’s hard to read this blog without the backstory.
2. Orgasms, orgasms, orgasms – This is probably my favorite page here.
1. Sex clubs/parties in New York – Le Trapeze – New York’s most famous sex club.


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