Update on what’s popular here at MDL

Every so often, I update my list of the latest most popular posts and pages. I thought this would be a good time to do it. (I was in a really loud coffee shop with 45 minutes to spare, and couldn’t do anything that required thought or silence.)

If you have personal favorites, I’d love to know. ‘Cause that’s just the kind of guy I am. But here are the current highest-traffic pages over the last year.

Posts only (new additions to the list are bolded)

1. I want to lick your pussy – I do. I really do.
2. Sex clubs/parties in New York – Le Trapeze – New York’s most famous swingers’ club.
3. R comes for me – in which we hear a relative stranger come. For me.
Stag at a sex party – in which I go, alone, to a sex party.
5. What I’m thinking about while I’m licking your pussy – kinda self-explanatory.
6. What do you know about cock worship? – I’m asked this question, and I reply.
7. My second first paid blowjob – my journey down the rabbit hole.
8. Lilly cums for us – Lilly came a bunch for me for a while. Then she stopped.
Why I eat your pussy – ALL of the reasons….
10. Speaking the unspeakable – teen girls at a bat mitzvah. And me.

About six months ago, there were four posts on this list that since have fallen off. I list them here for your interest:

1. Oral at a sex party – in which I lick Jen’s pussy. A lot.
3. My orgasm – a meditation on the sensation of my orgasm.
5. Fingered – I slide my hand into your jeans….
9. This is what you’ll do for me – anticipating a date with Maxie.

Pages, collections, categorizations (new additions to the list in 4/14 are bolded)

1. Orgasms, orgasms, orgasms – a lot of women cum for me. And for you….

2. My story – the collection of posts that describes my “sex addiction.”
3. Memory or fantasy? – I’m never sure which is which, but this is all of them.
4. Written by others – some stuff here wasn’t by me.
5. Musing – These are just my random thoughts.
Criticism – My random thoughts about people, things, movies, books, etc.
7. Oral sex – I like it.
8. T – posts about my wife.
9. Group sex – posts about sex I’ve had, seen, or wanted, with lots of people.
V – posts about sex with V, whom I dated for over a year.

About six months ago, there were four pages on this list that since have fallen off. I list them here for your interest:

4. Frisky Friday – for a while, I ran a meme, collecting hot posts from all over the web. These are they.
7. The Historian – posts about a particular old friend of mine
8.  Creep shots – now, renamed “paeans,” some times I like(d) to take pictures of hot women
10. Masturbation – I like that, too

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