Top ten of all time

This blog is three years old this month. Yesterday, I posted the top ten posts of the year. Herewith, the top ten blog posts of all time. The list changes, and what joins and leaves the list is always interesting to me. Here’s where things stand, today:

  1. My orgasm – In which I describe the sensation of my orgasm, in detail.
  2. Cum for me (part 2) – Another of Lilly’s orgasms.
  3. What do you know about cock worship? – A reader asks. I answer.
  4. What I’m thinking about while I’m licking your pussy – … if I’m thinking at all.
  5. R comes for me – a woman I’ve never met comes for me. I have no idea why this post has been so popular.
  6. My second first paid blowjob – You never forget your first time. Or your second first time.
  7. Oral at a sex party – A lot of fun with a gorgeous strawberry blonde.
  8. Lilly cums for us – A woman I met on Google+ had a great orgasm, and Fleshbot linked to it.
  9. I want to lick your pussy – I do. I really do.
  10. Sex clubs/parties in New York – Le Trapeze – A discussion of New York’s most famous sex club.

And here, the top ten pages (these are pages that provide jumping-off points to lots of posts):

(For some reason the numbers here are fucked up – the first is “10” and the last is “1.”)

  1. Oral sex – My favorite sexual activity.
  2. Paean – A lifetime ago, I used to take “creep shots” of women. Now, I just write verbal appreciations.
  3. Criticism – What I think about other things people have done, written, made.
  4. Musing – What I think about the world.
  5. Written by others – Accounts by others of things we’ve done together.
  6. Frisky Friday – A project I did for a little while, but then died out, collecting submissions from other blogs.
  7. Reading guide – This blog is sprawling. The reading guide helps you find your way through parts of it.
  8. Memory or fantasy – These are posts about things I’ve done, or wanted to do, or somewhere in between.
  9. My story – a collection of posts that tell you the story of my sexual life, prior to starting this blog.
  10. Orgasms, orgasms, orgasms – a collection of orgasms generous and sexy women have sent me.

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