Hottest posts ever

I was just tooling around my stats, and I thought you might be interested to see the pages and posts that have been most popular.

The first list is posts only – just individual blog posts. The second list includes pages, collections, categorizations. Either provides a kinda fun way to surf for a few minutes.

This lists are for the last 365 days, so they skew toward older posts…. I hope you enjoy

Posts only

1. Oral at a sex party – in which I lick Jen’s pussy. A lot.
2. I want to lick your pussy – I do. I really do.
3. My orgasm – a meditation on the sensation of my orgasm
4. What I’m thinking about while I’m licking your pussy – kinda self-explanatory
5. Fingered – I slide my hand into your jeans….
6. Sex clubs/parties in New York – Le Trapeze – New York’s most famous swingers’ club
7. My second first paid blowjob – my journey down the rabbit hole
8. What do you know about cock worship? – I’m asked this question, and I reply
9. This is what you’ll do for me – anticipating a date with Maxie
10. Speaking the unspeakable – teen girls at a bat mitzvah. And me.

Pages, collections, categorizations

1. My story – the collection of posts that describes my “sex addiction.”
2. Orgasms, orgasms, orgasms – a lot of women cum for me. And for you….
3. T – posts about my wife
4. Frisky Friday – for a while, I ran a meme, collecting hot posts from all over the web. These are they.
5. Memory or fantasy? – I’m never sure which is which, but this is all of them.
6. Written by others – some stuff here wasn’t by me
7. The Historian – posts about a particular old friend of mine
8.  Creep shots – now, renamed “paeans,” some times I like(d) to take pictures of hot women
9. Oral sex – I like it
10. Masturbation – I like that, too

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