It’s always a bit hard for me to keep in the posting habit during holidays. My daily routine is upended, family is everywhere, and there’s a dearth both of writing time and playing time.

Rest assured, there’s been some fun had. Well, first and foremost, of the real-life type. I’m really lucky that, in spite of all the things that make family difficult, I have a great one. Several great ones, actually. And we’ve had a lot of quality time with relatives we don’t get to see enough.

And, I took my Tinder on the road. While I haven’t been in a position to meet anyone with whom I’ve interacted, I’ve had some entertaining interactions with women who live far from my home. I’m always struck when I bring my Tinder, oh, say, west of the Hudson, how much more… compelling… I seem to be to women. It’s sort of like I’m midwestern/southwestern catnip. Here in my part of the world, women seem mostly blasé in the face of my Tumblrs (still and moving) and this blog. But over there? Damn.

Lately, there’s been a flood of women swiping right on me who are “intrigued” or “curious.” I think what this means is that they read Fifty Shades of Grey and are interested in the possibility of exploring submission in actual real sex, but don’t know how to go about that.

There were two right-swipers in recent days who were “saving themselves for marriage.” One seemed to be interested in evangelizing me: “Sex was created as an expression of Love,” she wrote. Another seemed more likely to be a saddlebacker – in the “anal sex isn’t sex” camp, for them that don’t know. Needless to say, those interactions didn’t go far.

I have a number of posts in the hopper for you in the new year. Stay tuned, and I hope this week is a quiet, restful, and fun one for you.

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