Dear Belle Knox

I just want to tell you, I think you’re doing a kick-ass job.

I’m really impressed by you – yes, sure, by your porn. Which is insanely hot – especially that really long sensual blowjob you gave in “Tip of the Tongue” on Nubile Films – I’m much more partial to watching that kind of blowjob than to the one you gave on that rough facial web site. That’s not really my thing.

But more than that, by the way in which you’re taking the opportunity presented by your uninvited “outing” to promote yourself and speak truth to power simultaneously in a way that’s both good business and good smarts. I collected a bunch of your best quotes (so far) and published them on my blog.

As a “nonsexist male blogger” (I recently was called that in PlayboySFW) who’s also a bit of a dom, I love it when a woman articulates intelligently the argument for submission as a (potentially, but not necessarily) feminist act.

As a lover of porn, and of women, I love it when a woman articulates intelligently just how and why porn can be empowering and liberating – for men and for women.

And as a formerly compulsive consumer of the labor of sex workers more directly – one who always liked and respected the women with whom I was transacting – I love it when a woman articulates intelligently the costs of the shame in which we collectively shroud sex work. Over here, on my blog, I’ve been attempting to do that a bit from the consumer side of the transaction; I’m grateful for your doing it over on the provider side, and doing it from such a highly visible platform.

And congrats to you for making those two endeavors – marketing yourself and speaking intelligently – synergistic.

Not since Sasha Grey has a porn actress done the two so visibly, so loudly.

May your career continue to take off. May you succeed in all your endeavors, in and out of the field of sex work. And may you continue to make my dick really hard.



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