Narcissism, from a different angle

The other day, my post on gangbangs (or “handbags,” as my phone really wants me to say) was mentioned in passing in this article by Zhana Vrangalova. Seriously, it was in passing. Like, in an aside, two-thirds of the way (three-quarters of the way) through a long article.

She was nice to me. She quoted me well, and described me as a “nonsexist male blogger.” (And went on to characterize my masculinity as “fragile” and “precarious.” But whatever.)

And she sent a shocking amount of traffic my way.

I suppose it’s information both about this blog and about the power of Playboy that in just a few days, Playboy became the largest referrer to this blog in the last month.

But what intrigues me is this: the average person who came here via Playboy clicked five more times. The rest of you? You folks average just under three clicks per visit. That may seem small, but over hundreds of visitors, it’s actually kinda shocking. That “rest of you” number is skewed by a few enthusiastic readers who show up here and read everything I’ve ever written. But the Playboy number is, oddly, much less skewed. Most of you stuck around and read a lot.

In other words, it seems that people arrived here from Playboy and said, “Hey! This is interesting!” In far greater numbers than generally happens.

Because I’m me, that makes me happy.

Thanks, Zhana. Thanks, Playboy.

And welcome, new readers!


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