Sofia’s ass

Today, it’s mine.

I asked and received her permission to post both these sexy sexy photos and to share with you her agenda for the thirty minutes she has to give to me.


Yesterday, she told me I could have thirty minutes of her time today. Asked if that would work.

I replied:

“Whatever you have to offer will work.

If I have thirty minutes, this is what I want.

Play with yourself for five minutes in whatever you’re wearing when you start.

Take off your top, and play with your breasts for five minutes.

Tease your pussy, over, through your panties, for ten minutes.

Turn around slowly for me, showing me all of your body.

Then, still wearing your panties, at least, come for me as many times as you can in your remaining eight or nine minutes.”

I want more, of course. (Wouldn’t you?)

And I will get more.


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