Sex on a boat

We boarded, with twelve other couples, at 9 pm. We all were dressed in white, head to toe, at the request of our lovely hostess. There was some amusing banter about the boat, safety, etc., it was explained that we would undress when we reached a certain landmark, and we were off.

There’s been a heat wave in our fair city. The breeze on the river was delightful. And the other 11 couples were hot  AND hot.

T and I early on struck up a conversation with a lovely couple, not at all our type, but sexy and fun-seeming: he (D) is no taller than am I, and she (J) is almost my height.  You may recall that T prefers ’em tall, and I? I prefer ’em short. Anyway – we struck up a conversation with them – this was their first cruise, but not their first “party.”  They had dated others, and weren’t entirely new to the experience of swapping.

As we approached that certain landmark, our hostess pointed out we were still wearing all our clothes, and so we stripped down to our scivvies.  I grabbed J’s ass, and began kissing her; D and T started their own makeout session behind us.  T and I had agreed that our primary goal was that she should be comfortable and feel taken care of at all times.  I turned around – “T, you ok?” I asked. “I’m good,” she managed to get out, between kisses.

J and I resumed kissing, and I pressed my cock, hard in the only pair of conventional boxer shorts I own (white was mandatory), against her. She pulled me close. As I slid my hand between her legs, she gently guided it away. I squeezed her ass some more, kissed her some more, felt her breasts through her bra (her bra never came off all night), slid my hand between her left breast and the bra, to pinch a nipple.  We kissed a bit more, but I felt her reticence growing.  “Are you all right?” I asked.

“I’ve just never seen him with another woman.”

Some conversation, and it all became a bit more clear:  he gets off on seeing her fucked by others.  She?  Not so much.  She’s down with the fucking others part – “If they weren’t here, I’d totally be all over you,” she said, somewhat convincingly. But they were there, and she wasn’t.

“Shall we bring the two couples together?” I asked.

“I think that would be good,” she said.  And so I moved toward T, as D moved toward J.  But we didn’t bring the two couples together.  Rather, I lowered myself to my knees on the foredeck of the boat, and spread T’s legs, pulling her panties off.  I dove down, and commenced licking, sucking, fingering.  It didn’t take long before T’s first (of a gazillion) gush(es) of the evening.  When I came up for air, D and J were gone – belowdecks?  Who knew?

T and I moved forward.  We chatted with a few other nude couples. We definitely were, though not the oldest, above the median age of the folks at this party. And, though neither of us is heavy, we happen to know (because the Coast Guard needed to know the weight of every party) that we were well above the average weight of couples on this trip.

The evening progressed.  Some highlights:

Me, coming, hard, in T’s mouth as I kissed a gorgeous dark-skinned woman.  Who wouldn’t let me go down on her. 🙁

A spectacular cool breeze.

Gorgeous views – all of the landmarks of our city, and a dozen hot couples fucking in every combination on the deck of a 40-foot sailboat.

At the end of the evening, as we returned to the marina because of lightning on the water, we resumed our conversation with D and J – they were apologetic, eager to get together again, in a less… charged… atmosphere, and after doing some conversating among the two of them. We traded numbers, exited the boat, and got in a cab home….


  1. Ahhh, I’ve had a sex on a train, but never sex (penetrative or otherwise) on a boat. And as fantastic and romantic (I don’t mean that like lovey dovey) as it sounds, I’ve just remembered how seasick I get. Hm. Perhaps scratch that idea.

      1. Ok. I just had breakfast with Lizzie, and we established that she’s not EXACTLY one half my weight. She weighs 98 pounds. And I weigh 182, today.

    1. I’ve written a bit about the various sex parties in New York. While I’m uncomfortable identifying which of those it was (I think that would violate their rules), I suspect you could figure it out with a few minutes of web surfing to the various parties and clubs about which I’ve written.

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