Introducing: Monogamy. Ish.

Liza & N. Likes are pleased to bring you: Monagamy.  Ish.

In the months since we’ve been blogging, you’ve gotten to know us a little bit. And in that time, if you read both our blogs (Liza writes “Always Each Other,” and N. writes “My Dissolute Life”), you’ve probably noticed that we’re a little bit… different… in how we approach our relationships and our sexuality. And despite those differences, we get along great and we’re friends onscreen and behind the scenes.

Where we’re the same? We both like sex, we’ve both got a little love for exhibitionism, we both value our primary relationships and spouses above all else, and we both have some experience rescuing (our) relationships from… complex… sexual realities.

While the world doesn’t necessarily need another sex/relationship advice columnist (Dan Savagehas that market pretty much cornered – and rightly so), we thought that some questions might benefit from being answered by the two of us, coming from our different perspectives. So – we happily announce the start of our periodic joint advice column/agony aunt effort – “Monogamy. Ish.”

Liza? A confirmed monogamist who’s open-minded and accepting of all sorts of relationships, with a fond predilection for slightly depraved, slightly public scenarios.

N? A monogamishslut, denizen of sex clubs and “play parties,” inveterate collector of sexualized relationships near and far (and, more than anything, devoted husband and father).

You, dear readers? People with questions. Want to know what we think of your sexless marriage? Your cheating spouse? Your secret kink? Ask – we’ll both answer.

One thing’s for sure – we’re unlikely to say the same thing.

You may ask us questions in a variety of ways:

1)  Via Formspring.

2)  Via Twitter.

3)  Vie e-mail.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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