Sex clubs/parties in New York – Behind Closed Doors

I’ve been to two BCD events.  One was in a health club in Jersey City (the promotion for the party had left us under the impression it would be in Manhattan, but neither of us is a lawyer – had we read it closely, we might have gleaned that they reserved the right to have it be near Manhattan), and the other, in a fancy hotel suite in Manhattan.  The former party felt bigger (maybe forty couples), and somehow, more exclusive.  Not in the good sense.  In the sense that there were a lot of people who seemed to know one another, and they didn’t seem interested in getting to know other people.  The health club was oddly colonized by the sex party – there was no sensual vibe, no feeling of anything other than a bunch of people who planned on fucking being in the place.  No special arrangements with respect to lighting or music, nothing.  The only indication that it was a sex party was that certain of the exercise equipment was roped off.

The people were mostly easy on the eyes.  My memory is that we had to submit face pictures in advance to be added to the list, but I don’t remember their checking our names against our pictures, so who knows just what that means.  Nonetheless, the crowd was notably younger than that at Le Trapeze.  If I had to summarize it in a single phrase, I’d say, “Bridge and Tunnel, 20s/30s.”  If you’re from New York, that makes sense to you; if not, it’s kind of hard to explain, but it basically means, people who weren’t born in New York but who came here after college, mostly white, mostly on the line between working class and yuppie, people who work for the weekend, and who don’t/can’t afford to live in Manhattan.  It’s a snarky term.  Sorry.

There was fucking everywhere – in the pool, the showers, the saunas, the steam rooms, the exercise rooms.  There were couples, foursomes, and full-on orgies.  But as I said, the vibe wasn’t all that inviting.  At the second BCD party we went to, it was considerably smaller (maybe fifteen couples), and the exclusivity vibe was less intense.  The suite was a duplex, and there were two non-fucking groups, and four or so groups of fucking people.  Some, on a deck with a great view of the city; some, in a bedroom; some, in the living room; and some, in a den-like parlor.  We moved around throughout, but as is our wont, didn’t play with anyone other than the other couple (the Litigator and the Gambler) with which we had arrived.

But the thing is, it seemed once again that the bulk of the fucking couples knew one another, and that there was a not insignificant number of couples hunting unicorns.  A perfectly hospitable atmosphere for watching – not quite so welcoming for newbies looking to play with others.

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