Contest update

I’m enjoying trying to up my readership, which is quite modest.  It’s a game to me – it’s not so much that I crave some large audience.  Truth is, my exhibitionism is satisfied simply by my writing, by my making the blog visible.  If readers happen to come (or cum), that’s a nice bonus.

But the game is fun:  I’m just obsessive enough to enjoy figuring out how to attract readers, how to communicate this blog’s existence to people who would be genuinely pleased to find it.  My motivation and L’s are entirely different, and so our approaches to this contest are different:  she’s been roped in (her words).  What she’s really doing (I think) is exploring her sexuality.  What I’m doing is expressing mine.  The act of sharing it is itself life-affirming to me.  It’s not so much that I’m doing it to learn (although, of course, I am learning, simply by writing for an audience different than my historical audience of one) as that I’m doing it to remind myself that I’m alive, that my sexuality is joyful, gleeful, thoughtful.  If you agree, and join in by validating me, that’s lovely.  But it’s not why I’m here.

And so, the contest….

I’ve tried a few different techniques for promoting this nascent blog, the two most effective of which seem to be Twitter and Google+. But the Google+ tool is imperfect for my purposes:  Google is so intent on Google+’s being its own thing, its own sandbox, that I haven’t figured out how to use it in a way other than simply as either a duplication of, or tease for, this blog.  I need to figure out how to use it best.  Tumblr, which is the most onanistically satisfying of the promotion techniques I’ve tried, seems to be useless at generating traffic.  And of course, the most effective, if least efficient, means of promotion, is reading and commenting on the blogs of people I enjoy reading.  To the extent that such people enjoy reading and not just writing, my blog is a natural.  And it seems they’ve been coming….

L?  She’s got almost no audience so far.  I got my first referral yesterday from her page.  Check her out – her blog is good, too.  And, for every referral I send her way, I will extract a favor….


  1. Ha! I got hooked on the extraction of favors…Whether it compels people to your blog or not, the twitter feed is awesome. Erotica bites (bytes?) make perfect snacks throughout the day.xx

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