Hasidim at a swing party II

If you haven’t read Part 1 of this story, you probably should start here – then, come back.


Jess and I had a good old time.  She was yelping as I spanked her tiny ass, my cock buried deep in her cunt.  The other two couples peeked in to see us making all the noise – the bed was rocking, hitting the wall; the sound of the spanking reverberated through the apartment.  The others splayed themselves out on the bed, each with their respective couple.  When Jess and I took a break, I went around to the Hasidic woman’s head – she was on her back, her gorgeous face revealing intense pleasure as her husband, socks still on, kippah still on, pounded her in the missionary position.  I bent over her face – she had perfect, gleaming, white teeth – and I kissed her, hard.  I rotated around to have a better position.

I kissed her again, and went to pull her head toward me.  My hand touched the back of her head, and I realized, about a second too late, that the hair on her head wasn’t hair – it was a polyester product that felt, well, just disgusting.  I recoiled just a bit, but went back to kissing her, and to fondling her remarkable, round, milk-white breasts.

Her husband looked at me, and nodded toward the jar of condoms on the table at the edge of the bed.  “Fuck her,” he said, between thrusts.  “I cum so much better when I see another man fucking her.”

I knew I couldn’t possibly.  This woman had a beautiful face, beautiful eyes, beautiful teeth – to be sure.  Her breasts were awesome.  But she was VERY pregnant, and wearing a wig.  And nude stockings still.  No way I could keep it up AND in her at the same time.

He begged me.

I was adamant.

This continued for a while, until he finally came, disappointed, all over her bulging belly.  He promptly left the room with Jess and the other couple, leaving the pregnant Hasid and me to debrief and cuddle.  We had a lovely conversation – about Judaism and Christianity, interfaith marriages, and the challenges of swinging with kids at home.

I fucked Jess one last, exuberant time.  We found a broken condom on the bed next to us after I withdrew (my condom intact).  She panicked for a moment, but then concluded it probably hadn’t been in her.

We walked out into the quiet night, each sated.


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