A contest

L hasn’t fully bought off on the idea yet, but I’m working on her.  I think we should have a contest.  We have two new blogs, mine and hers, and very few readers/followers so far.  I’ve been enjoying the process of figuring out just how to let the sorts of people who would want to know this blog exists know that it DOES exist (and would love suggestions that anyone may have).  It’s kind of a fun puzzle.  The truth is, I know that I write good, and that the subject matter of my (sex) life is interesting enough that it will gain readers over time – I say that not arrogantly, just with the basic understanding that sex is interesting to people, and iconoclastic/idiosyncratic sex is more interesting to more people.  So people should read what I’m writing here.  And the stakes are low – my motivation (about which perhaps I’ll write more later) is gratified for the most part regardless of the number of readers I attract.  So it’s just a fun game…

So far, it seems that the most efficient way (based on what Google Analytics tells me) has been Google Plus.  This is surprising to me.  I’ve done a few different things – have been using Twitter, and Tumblr, and posting comments on others’ blogs, and joining others’ blogs.  All of which seems to produce a trickle of visitors – but a  really slow trickle.  Google Plus?  Just a couple of posts there – and I literally have one person in my circles so far – and people seem to be finding me.  Admittedly, they probably are finding me because I posted on Sex At Dawn, and I guess people are searching on that, so I’m piggy-backing off a popular search term.  But still….

So back to the contest – the idea is essentially that L and I should have a contest.  There will be a variety of metrics, and a variety of prizes, and perhaps some punishments too.  Because what’s a good game without incentives and punishments?

I’m thinking that the metrics will be:

– Unique visitors
– Pageviews
– Time on website
– Pageviews/visitor
– Total countries from which visitors come
– And maybe number of sites referring visitors

Google Analytics makes all this pretty easy to track, so we could just design custom reports, and have a daily, or weekly, comparison.  L is worried that I’ll kick her (delightful, delicious, perfectly shaped, tiny) butt.  But this will be a win-win contest.  She just asked me what prizes I have in mind, and I confess, I haven’t really figured that piece out yet….

On all this, I’m open to suggestion.

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