Contest over

L has officially thrown in the towel in our contest.  On the plus side, she wrote an awesome story, weaving together a bunch of the tweets that have been scrolling by on my Twitter feed.  I’ve asked her permission to publish it here, or at least a teaser of it….

And on second thought, since the skeleton was written by me, I don’t think I’ll wait for her permission.  That’s just how I roll.

So without further ado, a taste of L’s “Twitter fed porn fantasy.”  Let’s see if we can get her to publish the rest of it on her site.

“And then what?” he asked. “He yanked my head back as he slid his cock all the way in – I felt like he split me open,” she said, sipping her coke. He reached under the table; he loved to feel his hand press against the wetness of her panties, especially in Applebee’s. She smiled and toyed with the straw, looking him in the eye.

“I have a new assignment,” he said, his finger snaking its way past the elastic that hugged her pussy.

Her “oh?” in reply came out as a sigh. She slid down in her seat just enough to increase his access to her cunt. He rubbed her clit with his thumb, before slipping his fingers into her. She was slick and warm, and she spread her legs further.


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