Hasidim at a swing party

Before T was ready to join me in my… adventures… we had a bit of a mismatch.  I was hungry for all sorts of sexual experiences, and she wasn’t.  Generously, she gave me free rein to do what I wanted without her, and in part, it was that period – during which I was having a variety of sorts of adventures – that helped bring T to realize that she too was curious, that she too could have adventures.

Anyway – one Thursday night, I was on my way to a “playgroup,” a sort of regular weekly thing.  At this playgroup, attendance can vary wildly:  sometimes it’s just a few; sometimes, it’s a lot.  On this particular night, the party had been rescheduled not once but twice, there had been a change of venue, and a big storm was approaching.  People were fleeing town (literally).  And on this night, attendance was LOW.

I was attending with Jess, a hot young nympho I had recently discovered.  A year earlier, she had never had oral sex; now, she was pondering quitting her job and becoming a “courtesan.”  There was nothing she wouldn’t try, nothing that didn’t interest her.  She had one guy who paid her just to tickle her.  She was shocked to learn that she got incredibly wet from being tickled, even though she (said she) hated it.

In any event – Jess and I made out on the street downstairs while we waited for some time to pass so we could be fashionably late.  She thought she saw a few people arrive at the building.  I was pretty sure she hadn’t.  At 9:15 or so, we headed upstairs.  When we got there, we found a bizarre apartment – decorated floor to ceiling, and wall to wall, with weird knick-knacks and tchotchkes, the weirdest of which was a sneaker-shaped child’s coffin, occupying a few square feet in the living room.  We walked in, expecting to find a few other couples, but what we found were the host – a buff, reasonably good-looking 40-something guy – and a woman who seemed to be with him, but not “with” him.  And the couple who throw these parties, S and C, who never (at least in my limited experience) actually join in.

So it was Jess and me and this other couple.  S didn’t want us to “get started” yet, because he said there were several other couples coming.  But Jess and I weren’t waiting so well.  We positioned ourselves in the living room, just behind the coffin, on a couch.  She straddled me in her skirt and gyrated on me as we began to make out.  I pushed her small chest back with one hand and started fingering her with the other, when her face went WHITE.  “What is it?” I said.

“Look behind you,” she whispered.

NOT this guy

I turned around, and saw a bearded man in full Hasidic garb (NOT the guy to the left), apprising the coffin.  In the other room, I could hear the cadences of what was unmistakably (if you know these things) a Hasidic woman talking about her children.  S came in and asked Jess and me, and the Hasid, to join them in the other room, so we could introduce one another and get undressed.  Some small talk – the Hasidic wife was interested to learn that I wasn’t with my wife, but I was there with her o.k., I was interested to learn that she was 28 and SIX MONTHS PREGNANT WITH HER EIGHTH CHILD.

I wondered:  would her wig come off?  Her nude hose?  Her face was gorgeous – I realized this when I looked close.  She had preternaturally perfect teeth, bright white, straight.  Her nose was aquiline, perfect.  Her cheekbones, high.  Her eyes, brilliant green.

“O.k. everyone,” S said.  “You all know the rules.  Let’s get started!”

And with that, we all began to undress our partners.  Jess and I took ourselves to one of the two bedrooms, where we quickly began fucking.

And if you want to know more about the rest of the evening, you’ll have to click here….

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