Black and Blue

We met for a drink, outside of the building where the sexparty was to be held. She was wearing the skirt and tight top I had requested.She looked exquisite, and I couldn’t wait to feel my hands slide up under herskirt, to cup her delicious little ass, to pull her against my cock. Even onthe street, I grabbed a preview, kissing her hard, pulling her against me byher ass with my left hand, by her head with my right. “I miss the taste ofcigarettes on your breath,” she said.

“I hope not so much that I’m in danger of losingyou.”
“Nah. I’m just saying….”
We had a drink in a bar downstairs, talking about theblowjob she had (unprecedentedly) given to a near-stranger the day before inhis office, about my sordid past and, to a lesser extent, about just how wewould each feel as my cock slid into her mouth, her cunt, later in the evening.”We should head upstairs,” I said.
We rang the buzzer several times before I called.”Where are you?” he asked. I told him. “Oh, we moved theparty.” He gave me the address – twenty minutes or so from where we were -and told me to hurry. “We’re getting ready to start.”
We hopped in a cab and made our way there, past the doorman,up in the elevator, into the apartment, arriving moments before the festivitieswere to begin in earnest.
The host gave a short spiel on safety and etiquette, andinvited us to get naked. I pushed L against a radiator, hiking her skirt up asI pressed into her. We ogled a few of the other guests – there were probably 25or 30 there – but only one or two couples that looked genuinely appealing.  It seemed likely to be an evening not of swapping,but just of hot sex between the two of us. This is a high-class problem.
I finished removing most of her clothes, leaving herwife-beater on. She looks so fucking hot with her little tits behind the sheerwhite cotton of a ribbed, thin wife-beater, her nipples straining against theflimsy fabric. I never wanted to take that shirt off. I removed my jeans andshirt, and, in my boxers, led her into one of the two bedrooms. There were twocouples on the bed, in each of which the woman was sucking the guy off. Therewas another couple against the window in the corner, the guy fucking hisgirlfriend’s face slowly, but insistently. She had an unbelievable ass, peekingout from beneath a cotton sundress as her head bobbed on his cock, guided byhis hands.
“Against the window,” I said, and I kneeled beforeher. L gave a deep, contented sigh as my mouth pressed against her, as mytongue found her clit. My rhythm was slower still than that of the woman to myright, having her face fucked by her muscular, tattooed partner, but L was responsive,pressing forward to meet me. After a while, I turned her around and placed heron the bed, below the two other couples, who were by now fucking. I sat her onthe edge and guided her mouth down onto my cock, holding her back, only lettingher taste the head. I guided her up and down, just an inch or so in eitherdirection, maintaining her focus on the tip, for quite a while, until I wasready to force my whole cock deep inside her mouth.
Soon, I pushed her back, grabbed a condom, spread her legsin the air, and ground my cock into her, deeply, slowly. I gyrated my waist, pressingagainst her, but not moving in and out so much as around, and back and forth.Of course, I could take only so much of this before I turned her over and beganpounding her in earnest from behind, alternately pulling her head back towardme by her hair and pressing her face down into the mattress. “Does sheever take her glasses off?” asked the guy next to us, who was trying tofind a route in to our party, but not finding any.
After a few more minutes, we emerged from the bedroom,grabbing drinks and a bite, before heading into the other bedroom, where we didit all again. As a buff man stuffed the panties of his partner deep into her pussy(sorry, but not my thing), L sucked my cock, while I caressed the breasts andface of the woman in one of the two hot couples – a twenty-something blondewith preternaturally perky but large breasts.
Some more oral both ways, culminating in a shuddering orgasm by L, and then I guided her on top of me.Together, she and I shook the bed, now home to four couples in all, violently,as I bucked up and down, slid her back and forth. I shuddered and exploded, andwe lay and debriefed, in whispers, while the panty-stuffer fucked the face andcame on the tits of his partner. “Did you see him stuffing her pantiesinto her?” I asked.
“No! Ew!”
We got up, and went into the living room. Inspired by I’mnot sure what, I bent her over against a kitchen wall and spanked her, first gently,then more firmly. “Use this,” said our host, handing me a blacklacquered wooden paddle. I did.
After a bit, our host exercised his prerogative (such as itwas) and gave L a few whacks with his paddle. Having had quite enough, she collapsednext to me on the couch, where we did some last ogling before heading out.
Two days later, I awoke to an e-mail from L, subject line:”Holy crap.”  I scrolled downto see two pictures of her (perfect) ass, marred by lots of little bruises onone cheek, and a ginormous one on the other. “Turns out I have a reasonably high tolerance for pain, ’cause Idon’t bruise easily. What happened to no marks?!”
Oh well.