Church Board on a Bender

“Write me a story about us – about us and at least two other people we know.  It should be at least slightly plausible,” I told her.

Weeks went by.  She was non-compliant, defiant.  Until the other day, when this delightful missive arrived in my inbox.  It started as a roman a clef, but I edited to make it not so.  Now, it’s just hot….


The year finally over, the current church board was gathering for a final time. A party. Fortunately, they were a remarkably hot and clever bunch, so what might have been a chore had the makings instead of a delightful night.

N. was cute: fiercely forthright, charismatic and quick, with twinkling eyes and an athletic build.

L.’s petite-ness was an ongoing joke; within that she was delicate, birdlike and funny, with a small, cute ass and finely shaped lips.

Their recent adventures together gave depth to what had begun as a playful crush, and had developed into something akin to partners-in-crime.

Their relationship was unique: both were married to other people, and their spouses were aware and approving of their friendship. A friendship which currently included a wealth of fucking.

In addition, they served together on the church board. This situation had added a dash of spice to the Sunday morning drop-off at religious school, and made the bi-monthly meetings considerably more interesting.

This evening they arrived independently, to a backyard twinkling with lights, humming with conversation, laughter, and the dual smells of grilling and honeysuckle.

The hostess, Nina, met N. at the door. The evening’s humidity had added extra bounce to her dark glossy curls, and her first glass of wine was blossoming in her cheeks and shining in her eyes. She greeted him warmly.

N. was pleased to see her, and let himself appreciate her curves, the smooth brown legs her cotton dress revealed, and the sheen of sweat glistening on her shoulders.

He could see L. in the garden chatting with Tom, a tall, sweet guy they had both remarked on. Tom’s conservative exterior might possibly mask a creative and enthusiastic lover.. Or so they had proposed, and the thought gave them hope and great amusement.

L.’s design was apparent and N. was spellbound. He loved to watch her reel in a new lover.

She combed her fingers through her hair, and cocked her head to one side, exposing her throat. Tom laughed down into her eyes, looking somewhat smitten, and simultaneously hapless.

L. turned, seeing N. She raised an eyebrow. Their plan was set.

The evening’s challenge was to seduce their chosen prey, and witness one another’s conquests.

The idea of playing with other board members had given them some fun fantasies, and tonight they planned to make at least a couple of those real.

L. pulled Tom inside, with the pretense that she couldn’t reach a bottle placed on a high shelf. He came willingly, looking slightly dazed, but clearly loving the attention. Her eyes briefly sought N.- the game would fail if her partner missed the action. She spotted him laughing with Nina, his forehead crinkling in the way she found charming. He saw her and held his smile for her, tracking her progress with Tom through the crowd.

L. led Tom toward a pantry out of the fray. She was flirting shamelessly, but still quite sure she was in control. As they entered the pantry, Tom’s eyes sharpened, and he lost the mask of hapless innocent in one sparkling instant. L. was suddenly and abruptly aware that she had miscalculated. She was not the hunter. And as prey she had been clearly marked, her pursuer crafty and determined.

Her breath caught in her throat, her blood draining away, leaving her dizzy. Tom smiled. He leaned in, capturing her wrists in one large hand as he kissed her. His lips were strong, and soft; his tongue meeting hers electric. Her dizziness melted into a swoon. She surrendered into his heat, feeling herself pulled tight against him. He pressed his cock into her hip, and pinned her against the wall with his body.

L. slipped her hand under his shirt. His belly trembled and his breath caught as her fingers moved lower, grazing his cock: silky, hot and hard.

He raised her arms above her head, exposing her, opening her, restraining her. He pressed her hard against the wall, and then deftly flipped her, pressing his cock against her ass. “Keep your hands on the wall,” he instructed, his voice a low growl. His hand cupped her ass, and then pulled away her panties with one swift strong motion. L. could feel her excitement dripping down her inner thigh, and blushed with embarrassment when Tom remarked upon her “readiness”. She moaned as his finger glanced over her clit, swollen and crying for attention. His fingers entered her hungry cunt with force. Tom laughed with delight, and continued to fuck her with his hand, murmuring his appreciation of her charms. He lowered himself to his knees, kissing her ass, his head disappearing under her skirt. His mouth found her cunt. He lapped her, and probed her with his tongue, then dragged his lightly bearded chin across her clit, driving shivers up her spine.

L. glanced over her shoulder, happy to spy N. in the shadow of the doorway. She grinned, knowing that her eyes were hazy with lust. N.’s were intent, drinking in the scene before him. L. rocked over Tom’s face, her lips parted, her hands splayed against the wall. Meeting N.’s gaze, she came, knees buckling. Tom held her ass in his hands, licking her still, making her squirm and claw at the wall. He flipped her around once again, kissing her deeply. “Ask me,” he said.

“Please. Please fuck me,” L. responded, feeling for all the world like a kitten mewling for milk.

Their eyes met, and she pulled his cock toward her, teasing the wet tip with her thumb. She watched his eyes lose focus, his breathing go shallow. She knew that she owned him in this moment. He pulled her thigh up from underneath, spreading her legs wide. He rocked forward, locking his eyes on hers, and plunged into her, deeper and deeper still. His cock filled her, riding her, rocking her, setting the pace and then changing it. L. braced herself against the wall, reveling in the intensity of Tom’s passion, loving the moment when his control faltered. He plowed her relentlessly, loosing himself finally in an aching, paralyzing orgasm.


N.’s ardor was only heightened by the scene he’d so recently witnessed. His purpose was renewed.

He headed back to the garden, finding Nina momentarily alone. She smiled at him sweetly. She liked him, and was pleased he’d come. They’d had a nice working relationship throughout the year and knew that their admiration for each other was mutual. N. had restrained himself, but was ready to relent to his attraction; he’d pictured her lips en robing his cock many times. He yearned to hold her hair back in his fist so that he might enjoy a better view of her face as he fucked it.

“I’m afraid we have some unfinished business,” Nina said innocently. N. checked the smirk playing across his face, and followed her into the house. “I’m at your disposal,” he said.

To his utter surprise she led him into an unoccupied bedroom. She winked. And came forward into his arms.

N. squeezed Nina’s ass, firm and meaty under his palm. He let his hands linger there, and ground himself against her. Her lips were plummy and soft, her breath sweet and laced with wine. He felt the frisson of excitement that a new lover gave him, and savored his anticipation. Then he kissed her hard. He ran his hands through her hair, taking pleasure in mussing it. His hands traveled down to her shoulders, then to the front of her dress. He unbuttoned it, releasing her breasts, full and heavy, and happily not confined in a bra. Her skin was smooth and yielding. She looked up at him, her dark eyes doe-like, and confessed her desire. N. couldn’t believe his luck.. he’d thought it would be harder, but Nina was on her knees before him, deftly unbuttoning his jeans.

He suddenly realized he hadn’t seen L. in some time and knew that he would have failed if she failed to see them thus engaged. He was torn. Stop now to find L. and risk the moment somehow passing, or continue where his heart and cock were leading and risk possibly “failing” the challenge. Nina’s lips found his cock. He stayed. She sucked him expertly. Her tongue played over the intensely sensitive underside of the head, teasing him to a hardness he almost couldn’t take. Almost. The pleasure was exquisite. Her enthusiasm was obvious; her eyes met his full of merriment and lust. He let her have him, allowing her to pull him toward his orgasm, stopping her as he neared the edge, pausing only a moment to gather his resolve, and then allowing her to continue, her rhythm perfect, building and building. He felt rushes from his belly to his knees, his cock a central nerve at fever pitch. He came in a toe- curling orgasm that caught his breath and made him shake. Nina held his cock in her mouth, swallowing him, holding him until his tremors subsided.

When he had recovered he pulled her up, and she was momentarily confused. He sat her down on a chair, and put the palm of his hand on her cunt, over her dress. Then he put it on her cunt under her dress, but over her panties. She giggled. Then he rubbed her clit through the filmy fabric. Her panties were soaked. He pulled them down, enjoying the way the elastic bit into her thighs. He knelt between her legs, and spread them wide, using both hands on her inner thighs, exposing her cunt in all its wet, pink glory. She was a peach: juicy, ripe and sweet. Her breath was ragged and a flush infused her skin. He licked her thoroughly, and fucked her with his fingers as he nibbled and sucked on her clit. She squealed as she came, and rewarded him with a flood of hot salty come of her own. He didn’t release her from the attentions of his lips and tongue until he’d wrung the last spasms from her body and she slumped, spent and glowing, against the back of the chair.


Walking out into the warm summer night, it is true that N. and L. gloated just a little, sharing the satisfaction of a challenge met, new pleasures found, and a story added to the collection.

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