Have a drink with me?

I had said the first thing I would want to do was to share a drink with you, to have a conversation, to get to know you.

But I take it back.

I don’t want to hear your (normal speaking) voice until after I have splattered the back of your throat with my cum, until after I have felt my balls slap against your ass as I pound my cock into you, until after I have tasted your cunt, spread your thighs wide, heard you beg me to stop. Maybe twice.

I will find you on your bed, dressed, your hands down your pants, fingering yourself.

I will feed you my cock, slowly.

I will use your face for my pleasure, guiding you slowly up and down my cock.

I will remove your clothes, and position you, nude, over the side of the bed, so I can fuck you from behind.

I will flip you over and hold your ankles up so I can drive down into you, hard, deep.

I will dive between your legs, holding your legs apart roughly as  I lick you, suck you, finger you, slap you, spit on you, probe you with my tongue.

I will lie down and invite you to sit astride me, to ride me, hard.

I will grab your hips and push and pull you hard back and forth.

I will feel the tip of my cock deep inside you.

I will squeeze your breasts hard, pinch your nipples, pull you down to me as I kiss you hungrily.

I will spin you around so you can continue to ride me, but I can see your ass. Which I will spank, hard.

I will ask you to kneel before me, on the floor, and I will stand, and feed you my cock once more. I will rub it across your lips, slap your cheek gently with it, I will press it into your mouth as I hold the base of your skull and pull your head against me, forcing me deep inside your face.

I will fuck your face, harder, harder, faster.

I will cum, splattering my cum against the back of your throat.

And then I will kiss you, deeply, and hold you, and thank you.

And then, we’ll have that drink, get to know one another.


  1. An excellent expression of something really raw and deep. One of the reasons I read your blog is that you take a very voulnerable approach to what you feel , you express it plainly and in such a genuine manner that it is impossible to censure…that, to me, is courageous. Thak you for sharing.

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