And then…

You had told me that your preference was for me to come on you, not in your mouth.

I had told you that my preference was to come down your fucking throat.

I plunge my cock deep into your mouth, and I shoot my come to the back. You choke a little – it was surprisingly much.

I hold your head on me while I shudder, while the orgasm gradually abates.

Finally, finally, I draw my cock slowly out of your mouth.

You look up at me.

“May I come now?” you ask, after licking your lips clean.



“Why should I let you come now? Why do you want to come now?”

“I want to come. I need to come.”

“No. That’s not good enough. I’m sorry.”

“I’m begging you.”

“I told you: no.”

“Why not?” You’re pouting, almost whining.

“You weren’t listening. Think about what I said.”

My cock is softening now, though I’m still stroking it, just inches from your face.

“May I come for you?” you ask, tentatively.

“For me?”

“Yes, for you. I want to give you my orgasm. I want to come for you.”

“You want to come for me?” I smile, slightly, and my cock grows harder.

“I need to come for you.” My cock is now fully hard.

“First, suck my cock again,” I say.

And you do.

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