A New Penpal

I “met” B on OKCupid. Exotic looking, a bit younger, and clearly a bit self-conscious about her figure, and her ass in particular. I haven’t met her in person yet, so who knows if I’ll agree with her harsh judgment of herself, but the pictures she has sent – and she has sent a few now – don’t seem to support such a judgment.

We started slowly: she was a bit put off by my ultimate unavailability, my being married. Though she seeks “friends with benefits,” she hopes for the development of such a relationship into more/other, and so, she said, would prefer to confine her fucking to the universe of the plausibly available. But still, we flirted, and slowly started revving up to meet.

We’ve been getting to know one another just a bit sexually – she now knows a bit about the form my dominance takes; I, about her submission. I know that she cums more readily, at least with toys, from vibration than from penetration. But I know she can cum from fucking, and both by being fucked from behind and below. I know her porn tastes are conventional, with an appreciation for anal (on film, if not in life).

And last night, just before midnight, I asked her to send me – and she did – a few pictures. Pictures of her sucking her finger after plunging it into her cunt; of her breasts, still clad in the day’s bra and top; of her crotch in her jeans; and, finally, at bedtime, of her panties from a hip view. Directing her, securing her compliance, was almost as hot as the pictures themselves.

I plan to have lunch with her Thursday.

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